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As an Etsy seller selling handmade products, you’re probably aware of the challenges of creating them for your Shop. With the increasing demand for handmade items, finding ways to meet customer needs while maintaining the quality and authenticity that sets your products apart is essential.

In this article, we’ll explore the different aspects of Etsy production partners for production of handmade products and how these partners can help you scale your Etsy business effectively.

What are Etsy Production Partners?

Etsy Production partners are skilled artisans or manufacturers collaborating with Etsy sellers to produce handmade products or craft supplies. They offer expertise and resources to assist sellers in manufacturing their goods and meet increased Etsy buyers’ orders.

Benefits of Partnering with Production Partners for Handmade Products

Partnering with production partners can offer several advantages for Etsy sellers:

Increased Production Capacity

Production partners help Etsy sellers to meet higher demand without compromising quality or craftsmanship.

Time Efficiency

By outsourcing the production of handicrafts, Etsy sellers can focus more on other important and creative aspects of their shops, like marketing and customer service.

Etsy sellers can utilize this time for product research or designing other in-demand or seasonal products.

Access to Specialized Skills

Production partners like Customcy often possess experienced and skilled craftsmen and equipment that these sellers may not have, allowing for the creation of complex products.

Production of a Diverse Range of Crafts

Many Etsy sellers specialize in crafts such as woodworking, leatherworking, or jewelry making. However, Etsy sellers can significantly expand their offerings by partnering with production partners that employ a diverse range of artisans from various fields and unlock several benefits.

  • Increased Listing Variety
  • Tap into Multiple Categories(from wooden decor to elegant leather accessories)
  • Optimize Seasonal Trends: 


scaling of etsy shop with production partners

As demand for handmade products fluctuates, production partners can adjust their output accordingly, allowing sellers to manage their inventory.

Best Etsy Production Partners Handmade Products


custom-production partner for ets sellers

Etsy sellers need high-quality handmade products handcrafted from scratch based on their unique designs and requirements. Customcy, with the help of skilled craftsmen, stands out as the perfect production Etsy seller.

With a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, Customcy offers unparalleled quality in every item they craft. Each piece undergoes meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your vision is brought to life with precision and care.

Customcy stands out because their artisans handcraft products from scratch, tailored specifically to the needs of Etsy sellers. From wooden decorations to leather accessories and marble sculptures to Himalayan salt items, Customcy makes various handmade goods. They can adjust each item to match your brand’s look perfectly. With Customcy, you can make every part of your product unique, making items your customers will love.

Range of handmade products Customcy Offer production

Benefits of Working with Customcy

  • Perfect Craftsmanship: Paying close attention to every detail for top quality.
  • Tailored to Your Vision: Customizing every aspect to reflect your brand’s identity.
  • Flexible Production: Scaling according to demand with small-batch and wholesale options.
  • Speedy Delivery: Meeting tight deadlines with efficient turnaround times.
  • Brand Identity: Establishing your unique presence through private labeling services.
  • Dedicated Support: Providing personalized assistance throughout the production process.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Maximizing profitability with competitive pricing and flexible options.

Individual Craftsmen/Artisans as Etsy Production Partner

Individual craftsmen are another good way to outsource the production of handmade products for your Etsy shop. Especially if you are a beginner seller with few sales, you can hire these artisans to produce products based on your designs.

How to Find Craftsmen for the production of handmade Products

Finding individual artisans for assistance in producing handmade products for your Etsy shop can be rewarding. Here are some steps to help you locate them:

1. Online Platforms 

production partner research on upwork

You can explore artisanal marketplaces where individual craftsmen often showcase their work.

Further, you can hire individuals through platforms like Indeed or freelance services like Upwork. You can find designers or artisans to join your team and contribute to your business’s growth by specifying your requirements.

2. Local Craft Trade Shows

Trade shows to find production parters and artisans for etsy

Attend local craft fairs or trade shows to find artisans for your Etsy shops and view their handmade creations.

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3. Social Media 

production parntner research on instagram

Etsy sellers can connect with individual craftsmen by following hashtags or joining groups related to handmade crafts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

4. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is among the best ways to find highly skilled and experienced artisans. You can request recommendations from fellow Etsy sellers or other handmade businesses in your network for good artisans.

Forums dedicated to handmade crafts are another good way to discover talented individual crartisansYou can follow subreddits related to handicrafts, like Handmade and Crafts

6. Local Mom and Pop Shops

Seek out local businesses that already manufacturing goods but may lack an online presence. This could include sewists, embroidery manufacturers, or jewelry makers. You can find them through Instagram hashtags or Google searches, potentially forming partnerships to bring their products to the online market.

Pros of working with individual craftsmen

Working with individual craftsmen may offer several advantages for your Etsy business:

1. Unique Creations

artisan working on pottery

Individual craftsmen often add a distinctive style and personal touch to their work, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind products.

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2. Direct Collaboration

colaboration with craftsmen

Collaborating directly with craftsmen allows for clear communication and customization of products according to your specific requirements.

3. Flexibility

Individual artisans are often more flexible in accommodating custom orders and adjustments to meet your needs.

Cons of working with individual craftsmen

There might be some drawbacks of  working with individual craftsmen for Etsy sellers like: 

1. Limited Capacity

artisan working on marble craft

Individual artisans may have limited production capacity, leading to longer lead times for larger orders. In this way, elsy sellers may have to face challenges like managing a large number of orders or delivery on time

2. Quality Assurance

quality assurance of handmade products

Ensuring consistent quality across multiple orders may be challenging when working with multiple individual craftsmen who operate independently.

3. Dependency on Availability

Reliance on a single artisan for handmade products can pose risks for your Etsy shop if they become unavailable or experience delays.

Why Customcy is a Better Option than Individual Craftsmen/Artisans

  • Streamlined Process: Customcy offers a seamless and efficient production process.
  • Diverse Expertise: Access to a team of skilled craftsmen specializing in various fields, from woodworking to leatherworking.
customcy-product production range
  • Consistent Quality: Ensuring uniform quality across all products with stringent quality control measures.
  • Scalability: Ability to handle large orders and fluctuating demand without compromising quality.
  • Reliability: Dependable and consistent production timelines to meet customer deadlines.
  • Flexibility: Offering customization options while maintaining efficiency and timely delivery.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Competitive pricing and value-added services for maximizing profitability.
  • Customer Support: Dedicated assistance and communication throughout the production journey.

Best Etsy Production Partners for Other Handmade Products Types

In this section, we’ll explore some production partners for some popular handmade product categories on Etsy. The handmade product range on Etsy is very broad, and it is impossible to discuss the production partners for each category in one article. So, we’ll discuss production partners for popular handmade product types.

Best Etsy Production Partners for Handmade Jewelry

Hello Adorn

Expert artisans from Hello Adorn make nice handmade jewelry that people love. They make all kinds of jewelry, like pretty necklaces and cool earrings. If you sell on Etsy, you can team up with Hello Adorn to produce beautiful handmade jewelry for your Etsy shop. They’re known for making high-quality jewelry and delivering it on time, so you can trust them to help you realize your ideas.

Elaine B Jewelry

Elaine B Jewelry makes fancy handmade jewelry that looks special. They make things like nice necklaces and earrings that people love to wear. If you sell on Etsy, you can work with Elaine B Jewelry to produce amazing jewelry for your shop based on your jewelry designs. 

Top Etsy Production Partners for the  Production of Handmade Candles

Scented Designs

Scented Designs

Scented Designs is a California-based candle company known for its high-quality handmade candles since 2016. They offer customizable options for scent and packaging, making it easy for Etsy sellers to create custom candles. With low minimums, exceptional quality, and experienced guidance, Scented Designs is a reliable partner for those looking to start their candle line on Etsy.

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Gourmet Candle

Gourmet Candle

Gourmet Candle specializes in premium handmade soy candles crafted with unique scents and whimsical designs in Philadelphia, PA. Established in 2013, they offer wholesale options for Etsy sellers, ensuring a tailored assortment of scents to suit their customer base. With attention to detail, eco-friendly practices, and a wide range of fragrances, Gourmet Candle offers Etsy sellers an opportunity to provide high-quality candles that leave a lasting impression on buyers.

Best Production Partners for Handmade Soap

Alo Goods

Alo Goods

Alo Goods offers customizable handmade soap batches to Etsy sellers and other businesses. With options to choose base oils, scents, and colors, each batch is handcrafted with all-natural ingredients and can be ready to ship in as little as two weeks. 

Natural Soap Wholesale 

Natural Soap Wholesale 

Natural Soap Wholesale ((Also known as Adams Handmade Soap Wholesale)) is a premier white-label and private-label manufacturer of natural handmade soap, bath bombs, lotions, and more. With a commitment to quality and transparency, their products are handmade in small batches using premium ingredients sourced from sustainable suppliers. Adams Handmade Soap Wholesale is dedicated to supporting businesses with high-quality, unique products and offering various customization options and competitive pricing to other firms, including Etsy sellers.

Top Production Partner for Crochet Items

The Blue Elephants

Shehla from The Blue Elephants specializes in custom crochet items. She offers personalized and unique items such as beanies, hats, scarves, and baby items. Etsy sellers can work with her to bring their ideas to life, whether for a special gift or a personal accessory. With high-quality yarn and craftsmanship, she ensures that each custom piece is made with care and attention to detail.

Etsy Policy Regarding Production Partners for Handmade Products

Etsy defines handmade items as products made and designed by the seller. Sellers must physically make the product or create the original design for their items. This definition excludes items bought in bulk from external suppliers and resold on the platform.

These rules clearly state that Etsy sellers can work with production partners to produce items based on their original designs. Production services include handcrafting by artisans, apparel printing, 3D printing, cutting, sewing, casting, plating, and engraving.

Etsy Resellers vs. Production Partners

Production partners are companies or individuals who help Etsy sellers physically produce items based on their original designs. 

On the other hand, resellers are individuals or entities who purchase mass-produced items from external sources, such as AliExpress, and then list them for sale on their Etsy shops as handmade items. They often mislead customers by presenting the items as creations, sometimes even altering photographs to make them appear as if they made them themselves.

Criteria for Selecting the Etsy Production Partners for Handmade Products

Quality of Craftsmanship

  •    Assess the partner’s past work for attention to detail and overall craftsmanship.
  •    Look for evidence of fine craftsmanship and high-quality finishes in their product photos.

Ability to Meet Production Deadlines

  •     Inquire about the partner’s production capacity and turnaround times.
  •     Request examples or references demonstrating their ability to meet deadlines consistently.

Communication and Responsiveness

communication with manufacturers
  •     Initiate communication with potential partners and assess their responsiveness.
  •     Clarify communication expectations and preferred methods of contact for ongoing collaboration.

Pricing and Affordability

  •    Understand the partner’s pricing structure and inquire about any additional fees.
  •   Compare quotes from multiple partners to ensure affordability without compromising quality.

Flexibility in Accommodating Custom Orders

  •     Discuss your specific customization and design needs with potential partners.
  •     Explore their willingness to adapt to custom requests and adjust as needed throughout production.

Production Flexibility

production flexibilty

Ensure the partner can scale production of handmade products quickly to meet fluctuating demands and capitalize on opportunities.

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How to Add A Production Partner on Etsy?

how production partner show publicly on etsy shops about section

There are two primary methods for adding a production partner on Etsy. The first method involves adding a production partner within an Etsy Listing details’s “Production partners” section. 

Alternatively, you can add a production partner through the “Shop Manager” settings section. Within the settings, navigate to “Partners you work with” and proceed to add your production partner.


Where is the best place to source artisan crafts for Etsy Shop?

You can hire skilled artisans in your local area or find them online to make artisan crafts for your Etsy Shop. Another Good option to outsource the production of handmade products is Customcy. You only have to provide them with your design and unique requirements. Their team of expert artisans will handcraft products for your Etsy Shop.

What are the most reliable wholesalers online for handmade products for someone starting a small Etsy business?

There are multiple reliable wholesalers for handmade products. Customcy stands out for the handmade product preparation based on Etsy sellers’ unique requirements. Alternatively, you can find individual craftsmen to handcraft products for your Etsy shop.

Do wholesale suppliers help Etsy sellers be more successful?

Yes, wholesale suppliers help Etsy sellers be more successful. With the help of wholesale suppliers, Etsy sellers can save their production time. They can utilize this time on other important tasks like marketing and promoting their Etsy shop. They can also do product research to find in-demand products and add them to their inventory.

Do I have to list my production partner on Etsy?

Yes, Etsy requires sellers to list their production partners in respective listings. However, if you don’t want your production partner shown to the public or your buyers, you can make it private by choosing “private” while adding the production partner to your listings.

Where can I find wholesalers for my Etsy Shop?

You can find wholesalers online to buy craft supplies from sites like Alibaba and Ali Express. But if you sell handmade products on Etsy, you can outsource the production of handmade products from Customcy. Their skilled artisans can handcraft handmade products from scratch based on your unique requirements.

What can I sell on Etsy, and how do I go about it?

You can sell craft supplies, vintage print-on-demand products, and handmade products on Etsy. You can outsource vintage products from garage sales and sites like eBay. You can get craft supplies from Alibaba. You can order Customcy to produce handmade products based on your unique design and other requirements.

Can you sell manufactured goods on Etsy?

You can resell goods in craft supplies or vintage categories on Etsy. Anyhow, you can’t resell products in the handmade category. For handmade products, you should handmade or design these products yourself. You can outsource the production of these handcrafted products based on your designs.

Do Etsy sellers have to craft the items themselves?

No, Etsy sellers can craft items themself or outsource production. According to Etsy policies, you can outsource the production of craft/handmade products from production partners like Customcy. But in this way, you have to design these handmade products yourself.

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