Top Etsy Sellers in 2024

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If you’re looking for a list of the top Etsy sellers and Shops in 2024, you’ve come to the right place.

We have compiled this list based on all-time total sales for these Etys Shops.


# of Sales: 2,133,622

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 20,204

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: 68,900,936

# of Etsy Reviews: 419885

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 1271

Category: Jewelry


Starting selling in 2014 on Etsy, CaitlynMinimalist is the best seller, with 2,133,622 products sold. 

According to the owner, Kate Kim, she started creating high-end jewelry before attending college. But things shifted when she made a custom necklace replicating her grandfather’s handwritten letter. This personalized necklace gives her a sense of her grandfather’s presence near her all time. Her college friends like that piece. She decided to create such customized jewelry products at reasonable prices. This is how the Journey of CaitlynMinimalist gets started.

CaitlynMinimalist sells different products related to jewelry, like rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Most of the products are handmade and made using steel(sterling). Store catalogs consist of handwritten pieces, name pieces, and other quotes about the jewelry products. Some of their selling products include 

  • Pet Photo Keychains
  • Pave Huggie Earrings and Personalized Birth Flower Bracelets.

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# of Sales: 1,932,237

# Estimated Monthly Sales:

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: 8,203,053

# of Etsy Reviews: 252243

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings:2886

Category: Paper and Party Supplies


Starting in 2014 with 1,932,237 Sales, PlannerKate1 is the second Shop on Etsy with the most sales. Located in Ohio, United States, they sell paper and party supplies. Kate Antesberger is the owner of the reputable shop.

Some of their featured products include

  • PK MINI BINDERS – 1.5 Inch 7×9 Binder
  • DOODLE-23-26 || HOLIDAY Planner Stickers
  • 2023 PK Wacky + Special Holidays (Stk-102 Stk-103 Stk-104 Stk-105)


# of Sales: 1,743,462

# Estimated Monthly Sales:

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $12,744,962

# of Etsy Reviews: 204281

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 8435

Category: Craft Supplies and Tools


Beadboat1, selling craft supplies and tools, is at number 3 in our best Etsy shops list, with 1,743,462 Sales since its launch 2014 on the Etsy platform. Founded by Katy, this shop is located in Texas.

Some of their featured products include 

  • Gold Filled Chain by the Foot, – USA Made -Beaded Chain,
  • Bead Boat Brand HIGHEST QUALITY EXTRa STRoNG Strongest Grade Elastic Stretch cord, stretchy cord for bracelets Bracelet String Stretch Magic
  • Minimalist Birthstone Earring- Gold Filled Stud Earring, 14k Gold Filled, Made in the USA, Tiny Gold Earring- Sold in Pairs
  • Wire Wrapping Wire Tarnish Resistant Beadboard Brand Beadsmith High Quality


# of Sales: 1,589,315

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 13,445

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $26,752,708

# of Etsy Reviews: 205113

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 1438

Category: Weddings


ModParty Selling Bridesmaid Gifts, Wedding Favors & Decorations are the 4th Etsy top sellers with 1,589,315 Sales on Etsy. This Shop is Located in California, United States, and was founded by Hina Khan in 2013.

According to founder Hina, the success of her brand ModParty started after his wedding. She develops a little website with the help of his husband Asim with few sales. She was a massive success after she started selling on Etsy in 2013.

With products like Bridesmaid Gifts & Favors for Weddings, Birthdays, and Baby Showers. Some of the featured products of this shop include

  • Bridesmaid Robes Bridesmaid Lace Robes Lace Bridal Robes
  • Bridesmaid Box Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Box Wedding Keepsake Box
  • Bachelorette Party Favors – Bachelorette Party Gifts
  • Bride Shirt Bachelorette Bride to be Shirt Unique Bride Shirt


# of Sales: 1,076,463

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 6,127

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: 6,058, 206

# of Etsy Reviews: 99953

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 29,980

Category: Craft Supplies and Tools


Yakutum is 5th top seller on Etsy, with 1,076,463 sales. Yakutum was launched on Esty by Selin and Baris in 2008. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Some of the featured products from this shop include

  • Raw Brass Round Charm With 1 Loop
  • Brass Cactus Charm, 12 Raw Brass Cactus Shaped Charms With 1 Loop

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# of Sales: 957,766

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 5,343

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: 5,127,745

# of Etsy Reviews:141870

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 67,364

Category: Craft Supplies and Tools


Spoonflower from North Carolina, United States, is the 6th best shop in the world, selling the most products on Etsy. Initially launched in 2008 on Etsy, Spoonflower has unique 957,766 Sales.

The story of Spoonflower started when its founders, Stephen Fraser and Gart Davis, helped launch a print-on-demand technology for self-published books. One day later, his wife was worried about not finding a custom yellow fabric with oversized polka dots. Stephen then thought, if print-on-demand is possible for books, why not for fabrics?

They custom print fabric wallpaper and other home decor on order. Some of their good-selling products include

  • Dog And Bones Fabric
  • Woodland Fabric
  • Striped Wallpaper – Wide Stripe Sea Foam Green


# of Sales: 897,064

# Estimated Monthly Sales:6,194

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $13,467,513

# of Etsy Reviews: 75,131

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings:5990

Category: Craft Supplies and Tools


PeggySueAlso is the seventh-selling Shop on Etsy, selling different kinds of leather and leather products, with 897,064 Sales. In Washington, United States, PeggySue also launched in 2011 on Etsy.

This shop sells different kinds of leather, such as metallic leather, earring leather, Biker leather, and embossed cowhide leather. Some of their featured products include 

  • SCRAP CORK applied to Cowhide Leather
  • Smooth Metallic 8 “10” Foil Cowhide Leather
  • 3-4 pounds of Leather Scrap in SOLID COLORS packs
  • DIVINE 18-22 sq ft Hide Top Grain


# of Sales: 879,416

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 8,238

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $2,520,168

# of Etsy Reviews: 177,384

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 5638

Category: Craft Supplies and Tools


HappyKawaiiSupplies is the 8th most popular Shop on Etsy, with 879,416 sales. Located in Missouri, United States, this shop was launched by Rain in 2014 on Etsy.

This shop sells Kawaii products with the following three features

  • Sugary
  • Colorful
  • Sweet

Rain’s owner says, “If it is not cute, we won’t sell it.” For this purpose, she purchases products for his shop from different sources and suppliers. This shop is famous among its customers, with an average rating of 4.8 from 64868 Admirers on Etsy. Some of the featured products from this shop are as follows

  • 6 Multicolor Pastel Conversation Heart Resin Cabochons, Valentine’s Day Cabs
  • Small Conversation Heart Mix Polymer Clay Valentine Heart slices, Fake Candy Heart Nail Art Slices,
  • 6 Glittery Pastel Conversation Heart Resin Cabochons
  • 6 Glittery Hug Me and Be Mine Conversation Heart Resin Cabochons

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# of Sales: 847,005

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 5,145

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $2,943,389

# of Etsy Reviews: 193378

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 15,894

Category: Craft Supplies and Tools


With 847,005 Sales on Etsy, this shop is in ninth position. Located in Stockport, United Kingdom, It was launched in 2009 on Etsy by Nicole de Bruin.

This shop sells tiny charms prepared with the help of a laser engraving machine. Some of their featured products include 

  • BULK 50 Rabbit charms antique silver tone A1127
  • 8 Easter eggs random mixed plastic P
  • 10 Easter bunny charms Tibetan silver P112


# of Sales: 819,478

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 5,867

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $13,324,808

# of Etsy Reviews: 212580

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 3,771

Category: Home and Living


With a vast selection of Healing Crystals, ilovelotus is the 10th best Shop on Etsy, with 819,478 Sales. This shop was launched by Lotus on Etsy in 2011.

You can purchase different products from this shop, like gemstones, feng shui, angels, books, jewelry, local art, crystals, unique hand-crafted items, and many other things related to healing and meditation. Some of the featured items of this shop include

  • Amethyst 6 mm Round Stretchy String Bracelet G240
  • Onyx Ring M158
  • Peridot Stretchy Chip String Bracelet G250
  • Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Oval Ring Z121


# of Sales: 775,448

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 5,867

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $2,977,181

# of Etsy Reviews: 38035

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings:6,885

Category: Craft Supplies and Tools


DesignInYourHeart from Seoul, South Korea, at 11th position in sales on Etsy. It was launched in 2013 and had 775,448 sales to date. DesignInYourHeart sells jewelry supplies.

You can find some of the featured items of the shop here:

  • Star CZ Charm, Birthstone Star Cubic Charms, Birthstone Charms
  • Birth Floral Necklace, Flower Charm, Floral Flower Tag Charm, Flower Pearl Charm, MOP Pendant, Real 14K Gold Plated [P1310-PG]

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# of Sales: 826,136

# Estimated Monthly Sales:13,426

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue:$ 8,354,317

# of Etsy Reviews: 211574

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 1,415

Category: Home & Living


Launched in 2018, Worldincensestore is the 12 most famous shop on Etsy in terms of sales. It primarily sells products like crystals, gemstones, minerals, and rocks that can be used to make custom handmade products like custom crafts made of marble stone.

It is the story of a Husband(Brian Roberts), mom(Jane Roberts), and son(Sam Roberts) who migrated from the United Kingdom to the United States in search of success. They operated a large record store in the United States for around ten years. During this time, they created an interest in the Metaphysical, leading to the launch of Worldincensestore in 2018.

Some of the shop’s featured products are as follows:

  • Beginners Crystal Kit, 20 pcs – Chakra Protection Healing Sets PLUS Natural Rough & Tumbled Crystal Specimens.
  • Mystery Crystal Box
  • Crystal Confetti Scoop: Mystery Crystal Bags, Mixed Lucky Dip (Tumble Stones, Rough Stones, Crystals, Selenite, Bracelets, and Gifts)
  • Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Points Wholesale Lots: Choose Ounces or lb Bulk Wholesale Lots (‘AAA’ Grade)


# of Sales: 780,772

# Estimated Monthly Sales:11,307

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,226,568

# of Etsy Reviews:43667

Average Etsy Rating: 5.0

# Total Number of Listings: 24,823

Category: Craft supplies & tools


DOMEDBAZAAR is the 13th-best Etsy shop, with 741,335 Sales since its launch in 2017 on Etsy. The shop offers a Huge selection of jewelry supplies like Chains, Charms, Pendants, and Beads.

It is the largest Shop Etsy shop in China. One of the significant benefits of their jewelry products is that they are cancerogenic-free, which causes cancer. Located in Yiwu, China, DOMEDBAZAAR was launched by Minjuan Rong.

This shop has a positive rating of 5 stars from around 18225 Admirers on Ety. Some of their excellent selling products are as follows

  • Open Hoop Earrings Stud – 1 inch Hoop Earring – Blue Acetate Round Earrin Post 
  • Custom handmade Walnut Wood Fishtail Charms – Resin Fishtail Pendant – Purple & Coffee Resin Fishtail – Jewelry Supplies
  • Open Hoop Earrings Stud – 1.2 inch Hoop Earring – Rainbow Round Earring Post 


# of Sales: 785,738

# Estimated Monthly Sales:4,502

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $2,548,814

# of Etsy Reviews:100432

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 16,599

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


AZsupplies sells jewelry products at the 14th level in terms of sales. Initially launched in 2010 on Etsy, this shop has generated 746,232 sales.

Top jewelry items include Charms, Pendants, Findings, Clasps, Pins, and jump rings. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, AZsupplies was launched by Ali and Zekeriya. Some of their top-selling products include 

  • Oval Silver Charms Antique Silver Plated Charms (32x8mm) G27644
  • Silver Ring Setting Resin Ring Blank Cabochon Base inlay Mounting Adjustable Ring Bezel (10x10mm)Antique Silver Plated Brass G17872
  • Adjustable Ring Blank (4mm Blank), Antique Silver Plated Brass G3498


# of Sales: 729,540 

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 10,718

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $25,407,208

# of Etsy Reviews: 124433

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 218

Category: Jewelry


Selling Personalized and Custom Handmade Jewelry, MignonandMignon is at number 15th in terms of sales on Etsy. This shop has generated 704,400 sales since its launch in 2017 on Etsy.

Founded by Dohee Lee, this shop sells handmade and custom products like hand-stamped necklaces, bar necklaces, custom name necklaces, and bracelets that come in various finishes, such as gold, silver, and rose gold. Some of their featured products include 

  • Birthstone Necklace Personalized Necklace for Women
  • Birthstone Necklace Personalized Gifts for Mom
  • Multiple Name Necklace for Women Personalized Unique Jewelry Gift Monogram Custom Engraved Mom Matching Necklace Chain Mothers Day Gift-P-1N


# of Sales: 714,836

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 6,837

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $1,866,965

# of Etsy Reviews:77781

Average Etsy Rating:4.8

# Total Number of Listings:3,576

Category: Craft supplies & Tools


UrbanEnV is another famous Etsy shop. This shop sells products related to jewelry. Other products include faux druzy, pendants, beads, etc. The shop has had a good track record on Etsy since its launch in 2014. Some of the top-selling items from this Etsy shop include:

  • Aqua water print Earring blanks
  • Pink water print Earring blanks
  • Sunflower print Earring blanks


# of Sales: 717,997

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 9,655

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,488,464

# of Etsy Reviews: 46726

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 1,496

Category: Home & Living


SEEDVILLEUSA is an Ohio, USA-based seeds-providing Etsy Shop. They started working in 2009 in an Etsy shop in 2017.

This shop sells around 1800 different types of seeds. These seeds range from flowers, vegetables, grass, and fruits. The seeds are packed in-house in an Ohio-based office.

Some of the popular items from this shop include:

  • 50 MIXED Colors ENGLISH PRIMROSE Primula Vulgaris Acaulis Shade Houseplant Flower Seeds
  • 500 MIXED Colors SWEET WILLIAM Dianthus Barbatus Color Mix Red White Pink Bicolor Flower Seeds
  • 1000 LEMON THYME Thymus Pulegioides Herb Purple Flower Fragrant Evergreen Seeds

18- ThinkPinkBows

# of Sales:  693,966

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 4,548

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 6,861,151

# of Etsy Reviews:  87643

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings:347

Category: Accessories


ThinkPinkBows was launched by Francesca Handy in 2010 on Etsy. The story of the Shop starts with the birth of Francesca Handy’s little daughter. Francesca was fond of dressing her little child with beautiful dresses and outfits. During this time, she started making matching bows for her little daughter. Her daughter looked beautiful with throw bows. 

Family members and friends start requesting Francesca to make bows for their little daughters. This urged Francesca to start an Etsy Shop in 2010, which has become one of the top-selling Etsy shops.

Some of the top-selling hair bows from this shop include:

  • SET of TEN Bows Hair Clip, Baby Toddler Hair Bows Clips
  • Ivory vintage rosette baby headband, girl couture headband
  • Baby Turban Hat, Baby Girl Turban, FLOWER Baby Turban


# of Sales:709,796

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 6,624

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 85,910,136

# of Etsy Reviews:169080

Average Etsy Rating:4.8

# Total Number of Listings:6,144

Category: Jewelry

NewMoonBeginning was launched by Rachel Glarner and has been present on Etsy since 2014.

According to Rachel, her hobby is collecting minerals and crystals. At the start, Rachel makes beaded crystal bracelets for family and friends. Then, she started to sell those crystals in her shop. Each crystal available is hand-picked very carefully. 

Some of the featured products of the shop include:

  • Mystery Box – Mystery Crystal Box
  • Beginners Crystal Set – 49 Pieces – Healing Crystal Starter Kit 
  • Energy Cleansing Candle – Protection Candle – Crystal & Herb Candle


# of Sales: 753,995 

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 6,316

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2, 928.949

# of Etsy Reviews:72226

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 4,116

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


Digital Curio is run by a wife(Kate) and husband (Aaron). Kate has liked to do art for many years. She does artwork from scratch or uses vintage products in the public domain while her husband manages logistics work at the start. Some of their friends suggest they open an Etsy Shop to sell their artwork through digital downloads.

This led to the launch of Digital Curio in 2014 on Etsy. Their shop has had massive success on Etsy since its launch. 

Some of the best-selling products from the Digital Curio include:

  • Gold Mandalas Clip Art – digital gold foil mandala graphics in PNG format for commercial use
  • Blue Tufted Cake Digital Paper – dripping chocolate and blueberry frosting quilted wedding backgrounds printable scrapbook paper
  • Witch Cottage Digital Paper Textures, seamless grunge pattern backgrounds, printable Halloween scrapbook paper for commercial use


# of Sales: 810,111

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 19,427

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 1,995,619

# of Etsy Reviews: 57449

Average Etsy Rating:4.8

# Total Number of Listings:3,142

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


HeatherRobertsArt is managed by Heather Roberts, a digital graphic designer and watercolor artist. You can buy SVG bundles, single files, and watercolor clips from the shop.

Some of the featured items from the shop include:

  • 7000+ MEGA SVG Bundle
  • MEGA SVG BUNDLE, 1500+ Designs
  • 4th of July Mega Bundle, Independence Day SVG, 100+ Designs


# of Sales: 673,666 

# Estimated Monthly Sales:3,421

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 6,695,901

# of Etsy Reviews: 214445

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 5,369

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


With over 16 years of experience in Etsy, Yadanabeads has become the 22nd most-selling shop on Etsy. It is run by Mike and Leslie and two of their children.

One day, one of their fellow Etsians asked them to share their beads. After sharing a few times, Mike suggested that we only list some of the extra beads so that anyone could come and buy them. This caused the start of Yadanabeads. Today, with husband, wife, their two children, and many other moms who do the work in their free time.

Some featured products from Yadanabeads include

  • 10 pcs gold color earrings hook 32x14mm
  • Bulk 45ft light gold color chain
  • Four pieces of light gold teardrop charm with cubic zirconia 13x8mm.


# of Sales: 649,788

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,808

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 7,467,121

# of Etsy Reviews: 173262

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 2,055

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools



# of Sales: 672,016 

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,691

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,860,693

# of Etsy Reviews: 140268

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 9,959

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools



# of Sales: 657,071 

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 6,188

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,332,115

# of Etsy Reviews: 87987

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 4,074

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools



# of Sales: 601,715

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 4,246

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 10,434,487

# of Etsy Reviews: 77826

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 11,648

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools



# of Sales:740,009 

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 6,308

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 6,291,374

# of Etsy Reviews: 153370

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 3,088

Category: Jewelry



# of Sales: 580,513

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,305

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,707,111

# of Etsy Reviews: 169396

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings:4,092

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools



# of Sales: 597,252

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,551

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 1,719,313

# of Etsy Reviews: 113248

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings:7,782

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


30- GLDNxLayeredAndLong

# of Sales: 566,684

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 4,487

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 38,491,344

# of Etsy Reviews: 80599

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 229

Category: Jeweley


31- BeWellGroup

# of Sales: 560,330

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 16,686

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 7,938,656

# of Etsy Reviews: 48303

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 40

Category: Accessories


32- BusyPuzzle

# of Sales: 598,868

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 9,498

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 27,946,452

# of Etsy Reviews: 73972

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 658

Category: Toys & Games


33- Yummytreasures

# of Sales: 545,031

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 2,984

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,128,536

# of Etsy Reviews: 176966

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 7,525

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


34- BlingeeThingee

# of Sales:589,792

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 4,230

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 4,797,839

# of Etsy Reviews: 90520

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 742

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


35- ArteBellaSurplus

# of Sales: 541,285

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,011

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,285,194

# of Etsy Reviews: 149272

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings:1,805

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


36- CaliQuiltCo

# of Sales: 546,393

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,704

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 4,195,963

# of Etsy Reviews:116718

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 7,771

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools

37- GoldSwan

# of Sales: 521,298

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,168

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 3,176,559

# of Etsy Reviews: 123457

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 4,359

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


38- Beadsmaker

# of Sales: 520,690

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,240

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,170,124

# of Etsy Reviews: 88500

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: Craft Supplies & Tools

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


39- Prettygrafikdesign

# of Sales: 508,628

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 4,006

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,317,962

# of Etsy Reviews: 45931

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 2,583

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


40- PipSupply

# of Sales: 512,080

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,929

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,620,849

# of Etsy Reviews: 81067

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 2,732

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


41- Bobbiscutters

# of Sales: 542,391

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,355

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 2,929,595

# of Etsy Reviews: 61266

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 2,423

Category: Home & Living


42- CrcbeadsShop

# of Sales: 567,586

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 6,041

#  Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 4,960,809

# of Etsy Reviews: 99619

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 4,904

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools


43- DesignMyPartyStudio

# of Sales: 573,167

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 9,276

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 4,592.380

# of Etsy Reviews: 31868

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 9,010

Category: Paper & Party Supplies


44- Elevado

# of Sales: 585,540

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 10,943

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 9,992,449

# of Etsy Reviews: 120980

Average Etsy Rating: 4.8

# Total Number of Listings: 1,176

Category: Jewelry


45- JLDreamWorks

# of Sales:552,390

# Estimated Monthly Sales: 3,473

# Estimated Lifetime Revenue: $ 4,393,125

# of Etsy Reviews: 126249

Average Etsy Rating: 4,8

# Total Number of Listings: 19,208

Category: Craft Supplies & Tools



There you have it: a list of the top Etsy Sellers in 2024.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Have you purchased a product from any of the Shops listed here?

If so, leave a comment below right now.

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