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Discovering the perfect products to sell on Etsy is an art, and finding the best wholesale suppliers and artisans is crucial for Etsy’s success. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the best wholesalers and craftsmen to outsource custom handmade products, craft supplies, and vintage items.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting your Etsy journey, this curated list of the best wholesale suppliers for Etsy sellers will elevate your business and delight your customers with quality and variety.

Etsy’s Policies Regarding Outsourcing Manufacturing


Etsy's Policies Regarding Outsourcing Manufacturing

To grow with Etsy, sellers should comprehend and stick to Etsy policies regarding the type of products they sell. Looking into these rules guarantees consistency, protects sellers from likely punishments, and encourages a positive selling experience for both sellers and buyers.

Etsy’s guidelines for selling handmade and vintage items emphasize accurately labeling products as either handmade or vintage. Vintage items must be at least 20 years old, while handmade items must be crafted or designed by the seller. Adhering to these rules ensures Etsy’s dedication to authenticity and quality. By following these guidelines meticulously, sellers contribute to maintaining Etsy’s reputation as a trusted marketplace for unique, genuine goods.

Sourcing products in bulk while adhering to Etsy policies

Reselling on Etsy is permitted in the “vintage” and “craft supplies” categories, but the “Handmade” section strictly mandates that products be made or designed by the seller.

On Etsy, you can’t resell handmade goods that you have not made or designed. But you can create handmade products and partner with artisans or wholesale suppliers to handcraft these products for you. This way, you follow Etsy’s handmade rules and still get handmade items in bulk.

Criteria for Choosing Wholesale Suppliers for Your Etsy Store

Criteria for Choosing Wholesale Suppliers for Your Etsy Store

It is essential to consider things like product quality, dependability, pricing, and minimum order requirements when choosing wholesale suppliers for your Etsy Shop. Furthermore, evaluating suppliers’ standing, client care, and transportation times can assist with guaranteeing a smooth and effective organization. Intensive examination and an expected level of investment are fundamental for tracking respectable wholesale suppliers. Discuss below:

Quality of products

quality of product to outsource for etsy shop

Product quality is the most critical factor for the success of an Etsy Shop. For this, you should choose wholesale suppliers that can provide quality products. You can use different approaches, like ordering samples in small quantities to assess the quality of products. Alternatively, you can check reviews from other Etsy sellers for these wholesale suppliers.

Pricing and discounts

Competitive pricing from wholesale providers enables Etsy sellers to maximize profit margins. The lowest price is only sometimes the best value. Watch for new customer deals from suppliers. Choose the best value order quantity. 

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) and shipping costs

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) and shipping costs of products for etsy shop

Evaluating MOQs and delivering costs helps sellers oversee stock levels and financial plans. Cost-effectiveness and streamlined operations are supported by MOQs, which are adaptable and affordable shipping options.

Reliability and reputation of suppliers

Reliability and reputation of wholesale suppliers

Partnering with trustworthy and reliable wholesale suppliers guarantees steady item accessibility, ideal deliveries, and excellent client service. Establishing trust with suppliers upgrades the general proficiency and credibility of the seller’s Etsy business.

Suppliers of Vintage Items for Etsy Sellers 

eBay Marketplace

eBay Marketplace

Etsy sellers can find valuable and more than 20-year-old vintage stuff at eBay Marketplace. Look for unique vintage items with pricing in mind to sell at your Etsy Shop.

Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores sell secondhand stuff at low prices. Etsy sellers visit them to find vintage clothes, décor, and more. These thrift stores are great for finding unique items to sell on Etsy.

Flea Markets

Flea Markets to buy vintage products

Flea Markets are a good source for vintage items. Etsy sellers can find vintage goods like furniture, toys, and clothes.

Garage Sales

Garage Sales to buy vintage to etsy shop

Garage sales are another good opportunity for Etsy sellers to buy precious vintage items at low prices. Garage Sales are held at people’s homes. They sell things they no longer need. You can find vintage items like books, toys, and décor for your Etsy shop.

Estate Sales 

Estate Sales 

Estate sales are events where items from someone’s home are sold. You can find quality vintage stuff like furniture and jewelry. These are good for purchasing unique items from your Etsy store.

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Wholesale Suppliers and Artisans For Custom Handmade Products


The Pak Crafts, wholesale suppliers for custom handmade products

Customcy is an online platform specializing in bulk orders of custom handmade products tailored to your unique design requirements. Their team of artisans spans various fields, including woodworking, leatherworking, pottery, cutlery, and more.

Their skilled professionals can elevate your Etsy and handmade business to the next level by transforming your unique ideas into tangible, handcrafted products.

Types of Handmade Products Customcy Offers

Custom Handmade Wood Crafts

Custom Handmade Wood Crafts

Artisans of Customcy can handcraft custom wood products in bulk for your Etsy Shop needs. Their Artisans can bring your creative ideas to life, crafting stunning wooden decor and personalized items. Enjoy unbeatable quality, endless customization, and quick turnaround times. Just upload your design and receive your handcrafted creation with complimentary shipping.

Custom Handmade Leather Crafts

Custom Handmade Leather Crafts

Customcy offers custom handmade leather crafts handcrafted by skilled artisans. Etsy sellers find many benefits, such as unmatched quality, limitless customization, and quick turnaround times. They have to select an in-demand product and share their design requirements with expert leatherworkers of the Customcy to receive customized products for their Etsy shops.

Custom Handmade Pottery Pieces

Custom Handmade Pottery Pieces

Order custom handmade pottery pieces crafted by skilled artisans from Customcy. Elevate your brand with unique, retail-ready pottery products tailored for small batches and wholesale orders. Etsy sellers can find many benefits, such as unmatched quality, limitless customization, and quick turnaround times. Select and share your design requirements with their artisan, and receive your customized pottery items.

Custom Handmade Cutlery Products

Custom Handmade Cutlery Products

You can get custom handmade cutlery products handcrafted by skilled artisans of Customcy. Etsy sellers can get unique, retail-ready cutlery items tailored for small batches and wholesale orders here. 

Custom Handmade Marble Products

Custom Handmade Marble Products

Etsy sellers can order custom handmade crafts made from Marble stone from the skilled artisans of the Pak Crafts. Their expert artisans offer quality, limitless customization, and swift turnaround times. 

Custom Handmade Himalayan Salt Products

Custom Handmade Himalayan Salt Products

Etsy sellers can order and get custom handmade Himalayan salt crafts from Pak Crafts. Their skilled craftsmen offer Etsy sellers many benefits, such as unmatched quality, limitless customization, and swift turnaround times. 

Trade shows and Expos

Trade shows and Expos to find wholesale suppliers and artisans

Trade shows and expos are vital for artists and craftsmen to feature their most recent creatures, connect with possible clients, and encourage coordinated efforts. From arts to beautiful home decor, these occasions offer a brief look into the fate of different areas. 

Etsy Sellers can find reliable providers for handmade products from these trade shows and expos. Below are some of the top trade shows and expos where Etsy sellers can find reliable providers for handmade products.

Top trade shows and expos in the USA for handicrafts

There are several well-known trade shows and expos in the USA focused on handicrafts. Here are some of them:

American Handcrafted Show


This event showcases handmade products from artists and designers across various categories, including jewelry, textiles, ceramics, glass, and more. It usually takes place in multiple cities across the United States.

American Made Show

Formerly known as the Buyers Market of American Craft, this show focuses on handmade products made by American artisans. It’s a platform for wholesale buyers to connect with artisans and source unique, high-quality products.



While NY NOW covers a broad spectrum of home, lifestyle, and handmade products, it’s a significant event for artisans and crafters to exhibit their creations. It takes place twice a year in New York City and features a dedicated section for handmade products.


Organized by the Society of Arts + Crafts, CraftBoston is a juried exhibition and sale of contemporary craft. It features the work of skilled craftspeople working in a variety of mediums, including ceramics, jewelry, furniture, and more.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

This show is one of the premier craft shows in the country, featuring the work of over 195 contemporary craft artists from across the United States. It covers a wide range of mediums, including ceramics, jewelry, fiber, metal, and more.

Renegade Craft Fair

Renegade Craft Fair is a curated marketplace showcasing the work of independent makers. While it originated in Chicago, it now has events in multiple cities across the United States, providing a platform for artisans to showcase and sell their handmade goods.

One-of-a-Kind Show Chicago

This show features handmade items from hundreds of artisans, spanning various categories, including home decor, fashion, accessories, and gourmet goods. It’s held twice a year in Chicago and attracts thousands of visitors.

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Craft Supplies Wholesale Suppliers for Etsy Sellers

Craft Supplies Wholesale Suppliers for Etsy Sellers

Etsy sellers can buy craft supplies at bulk costs from Wholesale suppliers. These providers give quality items to help different crafting projects and try.

Online Wholesale Marketplaces


Alibaba Wholesale Suppliers for Etsy Sellers

Alibaba offers Etsy sellers a valuable resource for purchasing craft supplies in bulk at competitive prices. With a diverse array of suppliers worldwide, sellers can explore a wide range of products and compare options to find the best fit for their needs. 

This platform enables bulk purchasing, allowing sellers to reduce production costs and potentially increase profit margins. Additionally, customization options are available, empowering sellers to request specific designs or materials for unique products. 

Etsy sellers can find various crafting essentials on Alibaba, including fabric, beads, paper, yarn, painting supplies, DIY craft kits, and tools. Access to new trends and innovative products keeps sellers updated and competitive in the crafting industry. 

However, thorough research, communication with suppliers, and careful review of product listings are essential to ensure quality and suitability for their projects.

Amazon Business  

Amazon Business to buy wholesale craft supplies

Amazon Business offers Etsy sellers a convenient platform for sourcing craft supplies efficiently. Through Amazon Business, sellers can access a vast selection of products at competitive prices, including bulk purchasing options. 

Moreover, Amazon Business provides tools for managing expenses, tracking orders, and analyzing spending, aiding sellers in budget management and inventory control. Additionally, fast shipping options and reliable customer service contribute to a seamless purchasing experience. 

Etsy sellers can find a wide range of craft supplies on Amazon Business, including fabric, beads, paper, yarn, painting supplies, jewelry-making tools, DIY craft kits, and various crafting accessories. Utilizing Amazon Business can enhance the sourcing capabilities of Etsy sellers, enabling them to meet customer demand effectively while maintaining profitability.

eBay Wholesale

eBay Wholesale

eBay Wholesale provides Etsy sellers with a platform to source craft supplies conveniently and affordably. Through eBay Wholesale, Etsy sellers can access a diverse range of products from various suppliers at lower costs in bulk quantities.

This platform offers a user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities, making it easy for Etsy sellers to find the specific supplies they need for their crafting projects or to sell on Etsy. Additionally, eBay Wholesale often features competitive pricing and discounts, allowing sellers to maximize their purchasing power. 

Etsy sellers can find a plethora of craft supplies on eBay Wholesale, including fabric, beads, paper, yarn, sewing notions, jewelry-making tools, painting supplies, and DIY craft kits. Utilizing eBay Wholesale can help Etsy sellers efficiently procure high-quality supplies, ensuring they can meet customer demand while maintaining profitability in their handmade business on Etsy and beyond.

Local Distributors

Paper Mart

Paper Mart

Local distributors like Paper Mart can be invaluable resources for Etsy sellers looking to purchase craft supplies. Paper Mart offers a wide range of craft supplies in bulk quantities, making it convenient and cost-effective for Etsy sellers to source materials for their handmade products. With a local distributor, sellers can often benefit from faster shipping times, reduced shipping costs, and the ability to pick up orders directly, further streamlining the procurement process.

Etsy sellers can find a variety of craft supplies at Paper Mart, including:

1. Packaging Materials: Such as boxes, bags, tissue paper, and ribbons for wrapping and presenting handmade items professionally.

2. Wrapping and Decorative Paper: Including wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gift bags suitable for packaging handmade goods.

3. Ribbon and Trim: A selection of ribbons, bows, and trims for adding decorative touches to handmade products.

4. Floral Supplies: Including floral tape, wire, and other materials for creating handmade floral arrangements or embellishments.

5. Party Supplies, Such as balloons, streamers, and party favors, which can be incorporated into handmade party decorations or favors.

By sourcing craft supplies from a local distributor like Paper Mart, Etsy sellers can access a wide range of high-quality materials, reduce production costs, and ensure timely fulfillment of customer orders.

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CB Flowers & Crafts 

CB Flowers & Crafts

 CB Flowers & Crafts offers Etsy sellers a valuable resource for purchasing craft supplies in bulk quantities. As a wholesale distributor, CB Flowers & Crafts specializes in a wide range of crafting materials, including floral supplies, ribbons, packaging materials, and more. 

Buying in bulk from CB Flowers & Crafts, Etsy sellers can benefit from significant cost savings per unit, allowing them to reduce their production costs and increase their profit margins. Additionally, purchasing in bulk means that sellers can maintain a consistent supply of materials, ensuring that they have everything they need to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently. 

CB Flowers & Crafts also offers a diverse selection of products, giving sellers the flexibility to explore different materials and designs for their handmade creations. With convenient online ordering and reliable shipping services, CB Flowers & Crafts provides Etsy sellers with a streamlined and efficient solution for sourcing high-quality craft supplies in bulk.

Mazer Wholesale 

Mazer Wholesale for craft supplies

Mazer Wholesale offers Etsy sellers a convenient and cost-effective solution for purchasing craft supplies wholesale. Specializing in wholesale merchandise, Mazer Wholesale provides a diverse range of crafting materials at competitive prices. 

Buying in bulk from Mazer Wholesale enables sellers to enjoy significant cost savings per unit, thereby improving profit margins and competitiveness. With a consistent supply of materials available, sellers can fulfill orders efficiently and meet their Etsy customer demands effectively. 

Mazer Wholesale offers a wide selection of craft supplies, catering to various crafting needs and preferences, ensuring that sellers can find everything they need for their Etsy shops. The convenience of online ordering and reliable shipping services further enhance the accessibility and efficiency of sourcing craft supplies from Mazer Wholesale.

Factory Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft is a valuable resource for Etsy sellers seeking to purchase craft supplies in bulk quantities. Factory Direct Craft offers a wide range of crafting materials at competitive prices. 

Factory Direct Craft offers a diverse selection of craft supplies, including beads, floral supplies, wood crafts, and more. Additionally, Factory Direct Craft provides convenient online ordering and reliable shipping services, making it easy for sellers to replenish their supplies and fulfill orders promptly. 

Overall, Factory Direct Craft serves as a convenient and cost-effective solution for Etsy sellers looking to source high-quality craft supplies in bulk, supporting smooth operations and sustainable growth in their handmade businesses.

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Tips for Negotiating with Wholesale Suppliers and Artisans

Tips for Negotiating with Wholesale Suppliers and Artisans

Negotiating with wholesale suppliers is crucial for Etsy sellers to secure the best deals and maintain profitability. Here are some tips to help navigate negotiations effectively:

Do Your Research

Do Your Research before selection of a supplier

Before you talk to the supplier or artisan, it’s important to find out about prices in the market. This means knowing how much similar handmade items or craft supplies usually cost. Research helps you understand if the wholesale supplier’s price is fair or if you should negotiate for a better deal.

Prepare Your Pitch 

Your pitch is like a plan for what you want to say. Before you meet the supplier, prepare your pitch. Explain why you’re a good customer and why they should work with you. Having a clear pitch helps you make a strong case during negotiations.

Be Flexible

Being flexible means being open to change. You might have a specific price in mind, but negotiations require give and take. Be willing to adjust your terms or compromise on certain points to reach an agreement that works for both you as an Etsy seller and the supplier.

Build a Relationship 

Building a relationship means forming a connection with the supplier. Take time to get to know them and show them that you’re serious about working together. Building trust and rapport can lead to better negotiations and a stronger partnership in the long run.

Negotiate Terms Beyond Price 

Negotiations aren’t just about the price. Ask about other important terms like payment schedules, minimum order quantities, or shipping costs. Negotiating these terms can have a big impact on your overall agreement and help you get better terms for your business.

Be Assertive but Respectful

Be Assertive but Respectful with suppliers

Being assertive means standing up for what you want, but it’s important to do so respectfully. Speak confidently about your needs and concerns, but always maintain a respectful and professional tone. Being assertive shows that you value your business, but being respectful keeps the negotiation positive.

Seek Win-Win Solutions

Look for solutions where both you and the supplier benefit. This means finding an agreement that works well for both sides. Win-win solutions build stronger relationships and make negotiations more successful in the long term.

Know When to Walk Away 

Sometimes, negotiations might not go as planned. It’s important to know when to stop and walk away if the terms aren’t right for you. Knowing your limits and being willing to explore other options ensures that you make the best decisions for your business.

Dealing with scams and fraudulent suppliers

Dealing with scams and fraudulent suppliers is a significant concern for Etsy sellers looking to purchase craft supplies or custom handmade products. Here are some brief points to consider:

Research and Due Diligence 

Before engaging with any supplier, conduct thorough research to verify their legitimacy. Check for reviews, testimonials, and references from other sellers. Look for warning signs such as requests for payment upfront or suspiciously low prices.

Communicate Clearly

When communicating with suppliers, be clear about your expectations and requirements. Ask questions about their manufacturing process for craft supplies and crafting process for handmade products, materials used, and shipping methods. Clear communication helps establish trust and transparency.

Use Secure Payment Methods

Use Secure Payment Methods for wholesale purchase

Always use secure payment methods that offer buyer protection, such as PayPal or credit cards. Avoid making payments via wire transfer or other non-traceable methods, as these can be risky and provide little recourse in case of fraud.

Request Samples or Prototypes

Requesting Samples or Prototypes before wholesale order

Before placing a large order, request samples or prototypes to assess the quality of the products. This allows you to verify the supplier’s capabilities and ensure that the products meet your standards.

Be Wary of Unrealistic Claims 

Be cautious of suppliers making unrealistic claims or promises, such as guaranteed low prices or extremely fast turnaround times.

Trust Your Instincts

If you feel uneasy or suspicious about a supplier, trust your instincts and proceed with caution. It’s better to err on the side of caution than risk falling victim to a scam.

Adhering to legal and ethical considerations while outsourcing etsy products

You must adhere to legal and ethical considerations when purchasing products in bulk from wholesale suppliers for your Etsy shop. This involves ensuring compliance with laws and regulations governing product safety, labeling, and intellectual property rights. 

Additionally, you should prioritize ethical sourcing practices, such as avoiding suppliers engaged in unethical labor practices or environmental harm. Upholding legal and moral standards not only protects the seller’s business reputation but also fosters trust with customers and promotes a sustainable marketplace ecosystem.

Effective Strategies for Managing Etsy Inventory

Effective Strategies for Managing Etsy Inventory

1. Start Managing Inventory Early

Begin organizing and tracking your inventory as soon as you start selling on Etsy. Keeping track of your stock from the beginning helps prevent issues and ensures smooth operations as your business grows.

2. Organize Your Workspace

Organize Your Etsy Workspace

Create a designated area for storing and managing your inventory. Keep it tidy and organized to easily locate items when fulfilling orders, reducing errors and saving time.

3. Maintain Stock Levels According to Demand 

Regularly monitor your sales data to understand customer demand for different products. Adjust your stock levels accordingly to avoid overstocking or running out of popular items.

4. Smart Storage Solutions: 

Smart Storage Solutions for etsy inventory

Choose storage solutions that maximize space and accessibility. Utilize shelves, bins, or cabinets to keep your inventory organized and easily accessible, optimizing efficiency in fulfilling orders.

5. Efficient SKU System: 

Implement a simple SKU (stock-keeping unit) system to track your inventory. Assign unique codes to each product to quickly identify and manage items, streamlining inventory management processes.

How to find best selling Products on Etsy

popular product categories on Etsy

Dig into the Etsy Home Page

product research on etsy home  page

To uncover top-selling products and in-demand niches for your Etsy Shop, navigate the Etsy homepage strategically. 

When you search for items, Etsy’s algorithm tailors results based on your browsing history. To avoid bias, sign out and clear your browser’s cache and cookies. This ensures you see results as a new/normal visitor would. 

Explore Etsy’s homepage and menu bar for trending categories and keywords. Take note of featured products and categories for further investigation. Utilize the search bar with your compiled list of keywords to find products aligned with Etsy’s selling trends. This method helps sellers discover lucrative product opportunities and maximize sales potential on Etsy.

To find popular items on Etsy, check Etsy Trending Data Reports. Etsy shares authentic and accurate data based on real-time buyer information. Reports like “Marketplace Insights” offer trending product terms and their year-over-year increase. 

Additionally, visit the Etsy trends page or explore Pinterest Trends for more insights into popular products and niche-specific keywords. Ensure that yearly changes are tracked and seasonal trends are avoided for consistent sales success.

pinterest trending  products report

To discover hot-selling items for your Etsy shop, explore related marketplaces such as Amazon Handmade, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. 

Amazon Handmade, similar to Etsy, caters to artisans and small businesses. Check out featured categories and bestseller lists to identify popular handmade products. Amazon’s “Movers & Shakers” highlights fast-rising items but ensures that products are chosen with consistent demand. 

etsy product research on 
 amazon handmade

Hobby Lobby, with its vast reach and online presence, offers insights into trending art and craft items. 

etsy product research on hobby lobby

Similarly, explore Michaels, one of the top craft store chains in the US, to broaden your product selection. Remember to research thoroughly and select products with enduring appeal for Etsy customers.

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Use of Third Party Tools (EtsyHunt Chrome Extension)

The EtsyHunt Chrome Extension offers valuable insights for Etsy product research. It provides search volume and competition levels directly from the Etsy search bar, aiding in keyword selection. 

Additionally, core indicators like seven-day sales and listing creation date are displayed on product images, facilitating quick analysis. Detailed product information is presented in a table format below each picture, streamlining competitor analysis. 

etsy hunt chrome extention for analyse etsy shops and products

Moreover, the extension offers competitive shop analysis, presenting essential details about top competitor shops on their main pages. Utilizing these features saves time and enhances the effectiveness of product research on Etsy.  

In conclusion, finding the best wholesale suppliers for Etsy sellers is crucial for sustaining a thriving business. By carefully researching, vetting, and partnering with reputable wholesalers, Etsy sellers can access high-quality products to enhance their offerings and meet customer demand effectively.

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