How to Find Best Selling Products on Etsy (2024)

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In this post, I will show you the best ways to find profitable products to sell on the Etsy marketplace in 2024.

Selling on Etsy is one of the best strategies to make money.  Etsy is a perfect place for independent creators, with 89.9 million active buyers and more than 467 million monthly visitors. Etsy offers a wide variety of handmade, vintage, and craft supplies. The only challenge is to find the perfect products to sell and make profits.

Before diving into the untapped ways to find best-selling products on Etsy, we’ll check the characteristics of an excellent product to sell on Etsy.

Characteristics of a Good Product

Only some products make money on Etsy. Some products generate zero sales on Etsy in the beginning. It Considers the competition level and demand for that product.

Below are some of the characteristics of good products to sell on Etsy.

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High in Demand

Look for products that are high in demand. For example, choose products with at least 200-300 monthly sales. This will be roughly 5-10 sales per day, which is good initially.

Lesser Reviews

Try to select those products with fewer reviews for top sellers. Reviews are one of the significant ranking factors in the Etsy Ranking algorithm. Also, more periodic reviews mean less competition, more chances to rank at the top, and more sales. Try to focus on products where top sellers have less than 300 reviews.

Avoid Seasonal Products

Good products to sell on Etsy have an excellent chance to sell throughout the year, not during particular seasons. For example, products related to Christmas are seasonal and do not have the potential for sales throughout the year. Google Trends can help check seasonal product trends over time.

Small in size and lightweight

The size and weight are different for different product categories on Etsy. The smaller and lightweight the product, the lower the charges for shipping and storage. Generally, you can think of products weighing below five pounds and a size below 24 inches.

Easy to Make

If you want to sell custom handmade products, choose products that are easy to make and don’t require too much time. 

It is essential to find products that are high in demand among Etsy buyers. In this way, You can benefit from trending data from Etsy and other platforms like Pinterest. Below are some ways to get this data.

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Etsy Trending Data Reports

Etsy Trending Data Reports

When it comes to getting trending product data, Etsy is the best resource. This is more authentic and accurate data as data comes directly from the Etsy team, which has access to real-time buyers’ data that is impossible in any other way.

The Etsy Editor team typically publishes data about current data in articles after a couple of months. I have included a summary of data from their reports published in 2023. 

You can find a summary of each of the Etsy reports for 2023 below.

Marketplace Insights: Early 2023 Trends

Term YoY Increase
Hot Pink Decor 1420%
Cat Tree Natural Wood 902%
Marble Coaster Set 346%
Wall Decor Wood 332%
90s Blazer 281%
Huggie Earrings 47%
Crossbody Bag 61%

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Marketplace Insights: 2023 Spring and Summer Trends

Term YoY Increase
Hot Pink Decor 1420%
Cat Tree Natural Wood 902%
Marble Coaster Set 346%
Wall Decor Wood 332%
90s Blazer 281%
Huggie Earrings 47%
Crossbody Bag 61%

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In the following quick video, Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson explains how to use Etsy trends data reports.

Marketplace Insights: Fall 2023 Trends

Term YoY Increase
Moon Phase Wall Decor 63%
Vintage Halloween Decoration 67%
Chicken Sweatshirt 709%
Artichoke Art 50%
Thanksgiving Figurine 163%
Embossed 53%
Unique Wedding Gift 36%

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2023 Holiday Trends

Trend YoY Increase
Colored Glass Dishes 225%
Gingham Bedding 47%
Candle Lantern 673%
Wooden Christmas Tree Decor 277%
Iridescent Sequin Items 106%

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Etsy Trending Products Page

Another way to get what is trending on Etsy is by visiting the Etsy trends page, which lists trending products from categories.

Pinterest Trends

pinterest trends page

Pinterest also provides a handful of data about many niches, including arts, DIY, and crafts.

To get data from Pinterest, you visit the Pinterest Trends page. 

After that, you have set the filter of the related desired interest(category) (For example, DIY and crafts)

pinterest trends category filter setting

OR search using niche-specific keywords.

pinterest trends keyword research

This will give you a handful of product ideas and keywords. From here, you should check for yearly changes (400% is Good) and avoid seasonal products.

product ideas from pinterest trends page

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Top Selling Product Research from Etsy Home Page

Etsy Marketplace

Etsy marketplace is an excellent source for finding top-selling products if used correctly. 

If you search and see products from Etsy, Etsy’s search algorithm will show you products based on your shopping behavior. If you searched for engagement rings in the past, you’ll see different products and categories on Etsy’s home page. From this, you might think wrongly that engagement rings are trending on Etsy. 

Below is a step-by-step approach to avoid this situation and find trending and best-selling products on Etsy.

Sign out and Clear your Cache and Cookies

In the step, sign out from your Etsy account and clear your cache and cookies so that Etsy shows you products and categories as a new customer.

Clear your Cache and Cookies

Like sellers, Etsy earns a commission (6.5% for every sale) whenever a particular product sells. The more the products sell, the more commission will be earned.

Let’s check how the Etsy algorithm works.

Whenever a new user or customer visits Etsy for the first time, Etsy tries to show them trending products with a high potential for sale so that the user finds his desired product, purchases it, and doesn’t leave the platform without purchasing a product.

Visit Etsy from a new browser.

If you do not have a chance to sign out and clear your cache and cookies, you can visit from a new browser (Safari, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) from where you have yet to see this site. This also works perfectly well when finding trending products for a new customer.

Products and Categories on Etsy’s Homepage

Categories on Etsy’s Homepage

Etsy’s Home page is where you can find hot-selling and trending products.

Look at the products, especially grab keywords showing as product titles, and make a list.

Along with actual products, also check for featured categories and note their names for further research.

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Etsy Menu Bar

Etsy Menu Bar

Etsy’s menu bar is another good way to find in-demand categories on Etsy. Hover the mouse over one item in the menu bar, and you’ll see dropdown categories and subcsubcategorieser categories.

Click subcategories. Further, investigate and find keywords and products that check for the abovementioned criteria when choosing products to sell on Etsy.

Etsy Search Bar

Etsy Search Bar

Now, you have a list of keywords using the steps mentioned above. Type these keywords in the Etsy search bar, which best aligns to sell well on Etsy.

Explore Other Related Marketplaces

You can find hot-selling products on Etsy and other related marketplaces selling similar crafts and handmade products made of materials like wood, marble, or leather crafts. We’ll discuss here how we can find products from Amazon to sell on Etsy.

Amazon Handmade

Like Etsy, Amazon Handmade is a market explicitly designed for artists, makers, and smaller businesses producing handcrafted goods. According to a report in 2020, 100 handmade makers from Amazon surpassed 1 million in annual sales.

This Shows That, like Etsy, Amazon Handmade is a Good market for handmade products. Best-selling products on Amazon handmade means these products are popular among Amazon buyers who are willing to purchase handmade products. In other words, they may have an excellent chance to sell on the Etsy marketplace.

Here is how we can find popular handmade products on Amazon.

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Directly from Amazon Handmade Marketplace

Visit Amazon Handmade Marketplace, and you’ll find featured handmade categories under “Shop by Category.”

amazon handmade featured categories

These are the categories in the handmade category that are most popular among Amazon buyers. From here, click on your related category or each category individually.

This will open a new page with sub-subcategories and popular products in this category. From here, try to choose products with at least 500 reviews and repeat the process for other products until you get a good list of products to sell on Etsy.

Dig into the Best Sellers list.

amazon handmade Best Sellers list

Amazon Best Seller is a page by Amazon dedicated to the most popular products based on sales. This page is updated frequently.

We have to visit Amazon’s bestseller page and, from there, choose the handmade category, and you’ll find a list of the most popular products in the handmade niches.

Try to ignore products that have less than 500 reviews. Just add products with more than 500 reviews to your list of products to analyze them at later stages.

Amazon “Movers & Shakers”

Amazon handmade “Movers & Shakers”

Amazon Movers and Shakers is another excellent opportunity to find top-selling products. This list shows you’ll find the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours.

You beware that products from this may be seasonal, which may be famous for a few days only. We aim to find products that can sell well throughout the year, so we’ll carefully choose from this list of products.

Hobby Lobby

hobby lobby

Hobby Lobby has more than 1,000 stores in the US that sell products related to arts and crafts. Also, Hobby Lobby has the most sales per store, with an average of around $6 million per store.

Along with most sales, Hobby Lobby’s website has more than 12 million monthly visitors. We can use Hobby Lobby sites and local stores in our area to find what is selling in the art and craft industry.

To find a good list of products, we must first clear our cache and cookies or use a different browser if we have visited or purchased a product from the site.

By doing this, the Hobby Lobby algorithm will show us what is trending and selling well on the site.

From the homepage, we’ll find five departments at the front. You can think of these departments as the most visited and liked by other buyers on the platform.

Below the department, you’ll find another “Shop by category” section. These, again, are the most popular categories on the platform. By clicking on these categories, you will find product-related subcategories.

Note: What is trending and selling on Hobby Lobby may not sell on Etsy. So please choose products from here wisely and do deep research using the above approaches.

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You can also use other marketplaces like Micheals to find more products for your Etsy Shop. Micheal Stores are among the top 4 chains in the US, accounting for 34% Of all sales in the craft market In the United States.

Keyword Research

One of the best ways to find what is selling on Etsy and what buyers want to purchase is to see which keywords are typed and searched most often. There are different ways to research and find top keywords on Etsy.

Keyword Research from Etsy Search Bar

etsy search bar auto suggest keywords

The Etsy search bar is the most authentic way to find keywords, which most people use when searching.

Just type one broad keyword related to your niche. For example, rings that Etsy will auto-suggest you with 11 related keywords that are popular among Etsy buyers.

Just note down these 11 keywords and type one keyword from these 11 keywords one by one, and Etsy will suggest 11 more keywords related to that keyword. This way, you’ll find a good list of popular keywords on Etsy.

Use of Third-Party Tools for Keyword Research

Many third-party tools exist for Etsy sellers to research keywords, find the best products, and analyze competitors. Some of the most popular tools include:

Let’s type “handmade bag” into the Etsy Hunt keyword research tool. It will provide you with a list of more keyword-relevant keywords. 

etsyhunt keyword suggestions

Note down essential keywords in your list.

How to Choose Keywords for Etsy Products

Now, you have a list of keywords from the steps mentioned above. It is good to analyze those keywords before making the final selection. Here’s how to interpret these keywords.

Copy one keyword from your list and type it into a third-party tool, like Etsy Hunt. Etsy Hunt will provide you with the following data for the keyword.

etsyhunt provided keyword metrics
  • Total number of views for the top 100 listings
  • Total number of favorites for the top 100 listings 
  • Competition level
  • Estimated total sales for the top 100 listings
  • Total number of Review for the complete 100 listings 

Try to choose keywords with Good search volume(views), low competition level, and a good number of sales. The higher the competition level, the more difficult it is to rank for this keyword on Etsy’s top keywords, and the more difficult it will be to make sales.

Select a keyword that meets specific criteria. It is good practice to analyze selected keywords from more than one tool.

After analysis from third-party tools, type this keyword into the Etsy search bar and check the top listing showing for this keyword. If all of those are big brands/shops with thousands of reviews, then it may be difficult to rank this keyword and generate sales. If top-ranking products have fewer reviews, then it is good to choose that keyword.

Use of third-party tools for Etsy Product Research

EtsyHunt Chrome Extension 

EtsyHunt is a helpful Chrome extension and can be used in multiple ways to find best-selling items on Etsy. 

Search volume and competition directly from the Etsy search bar

volume and competition by etsyhunt extension

When you type a keyword into the Etsy search bar, this extension displays all suggested keywords’ search volume and competition level.

Core Indicators on the Product Images

Another handy feature of the EtsyHunt extension is that it displays the following core indicators on product images.

  • Seven days sales
  • Listing creation Date
  • Total sales
  • Total views

Detailed information about a product

Detailed information about a product by etsyhunt extenion

This extension shows detailed information about the product in the form of a table directly below the product image.

This will help you analyze effectively without consuming too much time to find critical metrics of competitor listings.

Competitor Shops analysis

Competitor Shops analysis by etsyhunt extension

This is another cool time-saving feature offered by this shop. You’ll find important information about your top competitor shops on the main pages of competitor sites.

Top Etsy Categories

RankCategoryNumber of ProductsTotal SalesViewsReviewsFavorites
1Woven & Braided Bracelets69,836996,8611,911,752227,3423,625,457
2Sexual Wellness33,921994,7982,258,433141,4383,521,818
3Pet Accessories123,090992,1131,302,600277,0083,276,969
5Pet Hats & Wigs3,38698,842317,38317,022374,782
6Feeding Stands2,55898,642601,50420,127305,145
7Prayer Wheels40597801835,815
8Watch Bands & Straps39,500973,0203,386,921220,7373,007,038
9Role Playing Miniatures86,469970,726291,435152,6613,786,978
Source: EtsyHunt

Top Sellers on Etsy’s Online Marketplace in 2024

#ShopCategoryCountryMonthly SalesRating & Reviews
1PlannerKate1Craft Supplies & ToolsUnited States37,963★★★★★230,571
2Beadboat1Craft Supplies & ToolsUnited States34,247★★★★★109,810
3ModPartyPaper & Party SuppliesUnited States30,653★★★★★118,611
4CaitlynMinimalistJewelryUnited States30,104★★★★★188,145
5ilovelotusHome & LivingUnited States28,303★★★★★148,595
6TwistStationeryPaper & Party SuppliesUnited Kingdom27,545★★★★★16,555
7NewMoonBeginningsHome & LivingUnited States24,035★★★★★102,598
8KJewelryMetalCraft Supplies & ToolsTurkey22,431★★★★★54,794
9HeatherRobertsArtCraft Supplies & ToolsUnited States21,765★★★★★8,844
10WorldincensestoreHome & LivingUnited States21,720★★★★★107,202
Source: EtsyHunt


How do you sell on Etsy to earn a huge profit?

To sell on Etsy to make huge profits, 

  • You must choose products wisely with good potential for sales and low competition.
  • Proper SEO optimization of product listings
  • Offering quality products to your customers

Can I make a profit from Etsy?

Yes, you can make a profit from Etsy. On average, a successful seller on Etsy earns between $43,000 and $46,000 per year. Etsy is a perfect place to profit, with 89.9 million active buyers and more than 467 million monthly visitors.

How do I attract sales on Etsy?

Product selection is the most important factor in attracting sales on Etsy. You can attract sales by selecting products that are High in Demand, have fewer reviews, are Small in size, and are lightweight. Other things to remember are SEO optimization of product listings and offering quality products.

Is it worth selling on Etsy?

It is worth selling on Etsy as it has 89.9 million active buyers and more than 467 million monthly visits. ors, Etsy is a perfect place to make a profit. On average, the successful seller on Etsy earns $43,000-$46,000 per year. To make profits from Etsy, Product selection is the most important thing.

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