How to Make Money as an Etsy Affiliate in 2024

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on “How to Make Money as an Etsy Affiliate in 2024”! In today’s digital age, affiliate marketing has emerged as a lucrative avenue for individuals seeking to monetize their online presence.

In this article, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of the Etsy affiliate program, sharing actionable tips and strategies to maximize your earnings in 2024 and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or a newcomer to the game, this guide is your roadmap to success in Etsy affiliate marketing.

Let’s dive right in!

What is the Etsy Affiliate Program?
How does the Etsy Affiliate Program work?
How to make money as an Etsy Affiliate
How to Find a high-demand Etsy product or niche to promote
Effective Strategies for the Etsy Affiliate Success

What is Etsy’s Affiliate Program? 

The Etsy Affiliate Program is an affiliate program that Etsy launched in 2022. Etsy Affiliate marketing is a presentation-based showcasing procedure where people or elements (members) procure a commission for driving traffic or deals to an Etsy listing through marketing efforts.

With the Etsy Affiliate Program, members can promote Etsy items and procure a commission on deals produced through their extraordinary partner joins. Affiliates can utilize different special techniques, for example, blog entries, web-based entertainment, or other internet-based channels, to direct people to Etsy and energize buys.

Affiliate projects can change over the long haul, and looking at the authority Etsy site or reaching Etsy straightforwardly for the most state-of-the-art data on their member program, including commission rates, terms, and conditions.

How does the Etsy Affiliate Program work?

Etsy Affiliate Program

The Etsy offshoot program deals with an affiliate advertising model. Although the following provides a general overview of how affiliate programs typically function, referring to Etsy’s official affiliate program documentation for the most up-to-date information is essential.

Sign Up

How do you sign up for the Etsy Affiliate Program? 

Here is a step-by-step guide to signing up for the Etsy affiliate program.

1-Finding the Etsy Affiliate Program Section

To begin your journey with the Etsy Affiliate Program, navigate to Etsy’s website and locate the affiliate section. Typically, you can find this in the footer of the website. Click on the “Affiliates and Creators” section to proceed.

2-Selection  between Affiliate Program And Creator Co
How to sign up for the ETSY Affiliate Program?

Suppose you are in the category of Media. Editorial publications. Bloggers.

Then, the Etsy affiliate program is best for you.

Alternatively, if you are a Social media content creator, then Creator Co is an ideal destination for you to choose from.

3. Create an Awin Account

If you choose the Etsy affiliate program, you will redirected to the Awin site by clicking the “Apply Now” button on the Etsy affiliate page.

Select the “Sign up & Join Program” button if you are not already a member of the Awin site.

sign up for etsy affiliate progra by Creating an Awin Account
4. Completing the Application

Fill out the necessary information in the sign-up form on Awin’s website. Provide details such as your company name (or personal name if applicable) and tax residency. Select your primary region and promotional type, which is likely “content” for most creators.

5. Adding Promotional Spaces

Enter promotional spaces, such as social media profiles or blog URLs. Ensure these platforms have content to demonstrate your active presence. Describe your activities on these platforms to give advertisers an understanding of your promotional methods.

6. Selecting Relevant Sectors

Choose sectors that align with your content. For instance, if you create content related to business, select relevant sectors like software downloads or web hosting.

7. Completing the Verification Process

Verify your account either through an invitation code or an online payment. If you don’t have an invitation code, opt for the online payment method, which usually involves a nominal fee to verify your identity.

8. Wait for Approval

After applying, the Etsy subsidiary program executives will survey your application.

Once endorsed, you’ll get close enough to associate devices and assets.

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Get Affiliate Connections

Once approved, associates can access their remarkable partner connections or pennants through the offshoot dashboard. These links are essential because they keep track of the affiliate’s traffic and sales.

How to create an Etsy Affiliate link

The Awin affiliate network was in charge of Etsy’s affiliate program. Here are the step-by-step guidelines for creating an Etsy affiliate Link for promotion.

Select the Shop or Listing you want to promote

First, head to the Etsy site and choose a shop or listing related to your niche that you think your readers/followers might like the most.

In this way, you will have higher chances to convert them and generate a good amount of affiliate commission.

Copy the URL of the Etsy Shop or listing.

Sign in to your Awin Record

Visit the Awin site and sign in to your associate record.

Click on the Toolbox button and then click on link builder under it

Paste the URL of the Etsy shop or listing in the destination URL field, and it will create a custom link for you.

Start Promoting

Utilize the produced affiliate joins on your site, blog, or other respective social media channels. 

You can get paid for each sale that comes through your affiliate links.

Earning Commissions

A commission is paid to the Etsy affiliate when customers purchase on Etsy after clicking on their link. The commission is a level of the deal sum set in stone by the terms set by Etsy or the member program.

Analytics and Tracking

The Awin affiliate platform provides tools for tracking clicks, conversions, and commissions earned. Members can screen the exhibition of their missions through the dashboard.


Etsy Affiliates get installments for their procured bonuses in light of the installment plan illustrated by the subsidiary program. Direct deposit, checks, and other electronic payment systems are often used to make payments.

Program Strategies

Affiliates are supposed to stick to the agreements set by Etsy’s member program. Abusing these terms might bring about the end of the associate organization.

How much do Etsy Affiliates make? 

The products promoted, marketing strategies, and audience reach all play a role in determining Etsy affiliates’ incomes. The Etsy affiliate program typically offers a commission rate of around 4% per sale. However, the quantity and value of sales generated by affiliate links can impact individual earnings.

Successful members who market Etsy items to a designated crowd might procure more than those with lower marketing projections. It’s essential to remain updated on Etsy’s partner program conditions and commission rates, as they can change over the long haul. Overall, Etsy affiliate earnings are affected by changes in the structure of the affiliate program, the affiliate’s marketing efforts, and the appeal of promoted products.

Remember that individual efforts, the popularity of promoted products, and modifications to the affiliate program’s terms and conditions all impact earnings.

How to make money as an Etsy Affiliate

To make money as an Etsy affiliate, join the Etsy affiliate Program using a partner network like Awin, promote Etsy items on your foundation, and procure a commission for sales generated using your affiliate link. Achievement relies upon viable advancement and crowd commitment.

How to Find a high-demand Etsy product or niche to promote

Finding best-selling and trending items on Etsy includes investigating the latest things and purchaser interests.

Hand-tailored and customized things are reliably famous. Due to their individuality and sentimental value, custom jewelry, particularly personalized necklaces and bracelets, is in high demand. 

Moreover, reasonable and eco-accommodating items are building up forward movement, mirroring a developing buyer’s consciousness of natural issues. These can incorporate reusable things like material shopping packs, beeswax wraps, and hand-tailored, reasonable home stylistic layouts.

best selling products on etsy

Another trending category is digital items, like printable artistry, organizers, and formats, which are bid because of their moment accessibility and low transportation costs, by zeroing Partners’ advantage of flourishing business sector fragments on Etsy,

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Techniques for niche selection for Etsy affiliate marketing

For Etsy affiliate marketing niche selection, explore Etsy’s featured categories for current trends, analyze Etsy Trends Reports for emerging market interests, and utilize tools like eRank or Alura for data on top-selling items and keyword popularity. Explain below:

Featured Categories on the Etsy Site


Featured Categories on the Etsy Site

Exploring Etsy’s featured categories is one effective method for choosing a niche in Etsy affiliate marketing. Etsy frequently features moving classes on its landing page and route menus. These classifications reflect current purchaser interests and market patterns. For instance, if “Eco-Accommodating Gifts” is a highlighted class, it proposes a developing shopper’s interest in maintainability, by zeroing in on these well-known and popular. Also, pursuing these by zeroing in on these featured regions classes can give bits of knowledge into sub-specialties that probably won’t be oversaturated, considering more designated and robust associates showcase methodologies.

Etsy Trends Reports

Etsy Trends Reports

Etsy Trends Reports are essential for recognizing rewarding specialties. Etsy routinely distributes pattern reports that detail well-known and emerging patterns on the stage. These reports, which can be found on Etsy’s blog or press releases, provide information on the products that are becoming increasingly popular, seasonal trends, and buyer behavior patterns. A trend report might, for instance, highlight a rise in demand for vintage clothing or handmade home decor. By remaining informed with these patterns, you can tailor your member advertising endeavors to advance items that are right now pursued, improving the probability of effective transformations and commissions.

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Erank, Alura Reports 

third party reports for etsy

Using outsider apparatuses like eRank or Alura can essentially upgrade specialty choice. These tools provide Etsy-specific reports and detailed analytics. They give information on top-selling things, catchphrase patterns, rivalry investigation, and market interest. By breaking down this information, you can recognize famous specialties and have fewer contests, making it more straightforward to stick out. eRank might show, for instance, that handmade pottery is famous but has fewer sellers than handmade wooden crafts. Such knowledge can direct you in picking a specialty where your limited-time endeavors have a higher potential for progress and benefit in Etsy member showcasing.

Consider your interests and skills:

When choosing an Etsy product or niche to promote as an affiliate, it’s essential to think about your interests and skills. This arrangement improves credibility in your advancements and keeps up with your advantage and inspiration after some time.

  • Passion-Driven Choices: On the off chance that you have areas of strength in a specific region, like handcrafted creations, rare things, or extraordinary gems, this enthusiasm can be irresistible and resonate with your crowd. For instance, if you are intensely interested in eco-friendly living, selling sustainable and upcycled goods on Etsy might be a good fit for you.
  • Leverage Your Expertise: Use your expert or specialist ability. For example, you could zero in on advancing custom home-style things from Etsy. Your insight in the field can enhance your substance, making your suggestions more dependable and convincing.

Leverage External Research

Leverage external research for Etsy member advertising by utilizing Google Trends to recognize rising hunt interests and Pinterest Trends to detect well-known styles and occasional items, adjusting your advancements to current purchaser requests and visual market patterns.

Google Trends

For external research on niche selection for Etsy affiliate marketing, Google Trends is a powerful tool. By breaking down search questions on Google, you can measure public interest in unambiguous items or classes. For example, on the off chance that you notice a rising pattern in looks for “hand-tailored salt lamps,” it shows a developing business sector for such items.

You can likewise look at search terms, notice occasional tops in specific item searches, and even drill down to local interest levels. This knowledge permits you to adjust your Etsy member endeavors with constant shopper interests and market requests, possibly expanding the adequacy of your promotion and the probability of fruitful transformations.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends report

Pinterest is a visual disclosure motor that is especially well known for its way of life, style, and Do-It-Yourself project thoughts, adjusting intimately with numerous Etsy items. By exploring Pinterest Patterns, you can distinguish what sorts of items or styles are getting forward movement. For instance, if “handcrafted marble decor” is popular on Pinterest, similar items on Etsy are likely also popular.

Pinterest additionally gives experiences into forthcoming occasional patterns, permitting you to expect and gain by what items could become well known. By integrating these bits of knowledge into your Etsy member technique, you can focus on your advancements all the more successfully, taking special care of the interests of an outwardly determined and item-engaged crowd.

Tools to refine your niche:

To refine your Etsy affiliate niche, use Etsy-specific tools like eRank and Marmalead for insights on trending products and keywords. General SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and KWFinder help identify broader market trends and search behaviors.

Third-Party tools for Etsy Keyword Research (Erank, Alura)

Third-Party tools for Etsy Keyword Research

Etsy-specific keyword devices like eRank and Alura are important for refining your specialty. These apparatuses give bits of knowledge straightforwardly applicable to the Etsy commercial center. They assist with recognizing high-traffic yet low-rivalry watchwords, moving items, and what things are, as of now, famous with purchasers. For example, eRank can show you the most looked-through terms connected with “hand-tailored gems,” empowering you to find sub-specialties inside this class that are building up some decent momentum yet aren’t excessively soaked.

By utilizing these instruments, you can calibrate your specialty choice to regions where there’s more than adequate interest yet less contest, expanding the potential for fruitful associate showcasing on Etsy.

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General Keyword research tools (SEMrush, Ahrefs, KWFinder)

General keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and KWFinder offer a more extensive point of view. These tools specifically estimate keyword trends for the Google search engine. Popular search terms on Google might be also popular searches on Etsy. They can assist you with uncovering long-tail watchwords that are frequently less serious but profoundly focused on, making them ideal for specialty promotion. For instance, utilizing SEMrush, you could track down that there’s a developing interest in “custom leather crafts,” a specialty that you can then investigate on Etsy.

Please note that these tools tell keyword estimates for Google, not Etsy. So use these keywords wisely for Etsy estimations

Bonus techniques to find Etsy products or Shops for Etsy Affiliate program

Interview Etsy shop owners

Talking with Etsy retailers can give important experiences in the universe of online specialties and business ventures. This is a rule en route to approach and lead these meetings:

  • Identify and investigate: Begin by recognizing Etsy retailers whose work or plan of action intrigues you. Search for shops that line up with your interest group or area of interest.
  • Communicate professionally: Reach them through Etsy’s informing framework or their recorded email. Introduce yourself, provide an explanation of your objective, and politely inquire if they are interested in an interview. Describe the purpose of the interview in detail.
  • Set up Your Inquiries: Make a rundown of inquiries that cover a scope of themes, for example, their excursion, challenges, promoting techniques, creation processes, client care encounters, and guidance for trying Etsy dealers.
  • Plan the Meeting: On the off chance that they concur, plan a helpful time. Be adaptable and courteous of their timetable. Settle on the configuration – it very well may be a call, video talk, or email trade.
  • Direct the meeting Deferentially: During the meeting, be respectful of their time. Be on time and ask questions that are clear and concise. Permit them the opportunity to offer their viewpoints and encounters.
  • Center around Learning and Sharing: Your point ought to be to gain from their encounters and offer these experiences to your crowd. This can be significant for anyone with any interest in beginning or growing an Etsy shop. 
  • Follow Up and Say Thanks to Them: After the meeting, send a card to say thanks, offering your thanks for their time and bits of knowledge. Assuming that you distribute.

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Analyze Seasonal Trends:

For Etsy shops and affiliates in particular, it is essential to analyze seasonal trends to effectively target consumer interests and boost sales. Here is a more profound investigation:

  • Occasions and Events: Key occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Mom’s Day drive huge shopper spending. Items connected with these occasions, like beautification, gifts, and themed things, see a flood in popularity. Moreover, consider provincial or widespread developments like Chinese New Year or Diwali.
  • Occasional Changes: Each season brings its patterns. Spring could zero in on cultivating an outside style, summer on ocean-side frills and travel fundamentals, fall on comfortable home stylistic themes, and winter on comfortable apparel and bubbly things.
  • Buyer Conduct: Occasional changes frequently reflect in customer conduct. For instance, New Year could welcome an emphasis on organizers and hierarchical devices, while class kickoff season sees an ascent in popularity for writing material, packs, and quarters’ stylistic layout.
  • Yearly Patterns: Past the anticipated yearly occasions, focus on patterns that could shift year to year. This could be impacted by style, mainstream society, or even worldwide occasions like a game title.
  • Information Examination: Use apparatuses like Google Patterns, Etsy’s market information, and virtual entertainment experiences to follow what customers are searching for at various seasons. This additionally assists in expecting with requesting as opposed to simply responding to it.
  • Custom and Carefully Assembled Concentration: On Etsy, there are severe areas of strength for customized and hand-tailored things. Tailor your advancements to feature how these items address occasional issues, similar to custom gifts during the Christmas season.
  • Maintainability Patterns: With developing mindfulness around manageability, eco-accommodating items frequently see a flood around Earth Day and other naturally centered times.
  • Economic Issues: Monetary movements, similar to a slump or a lift in discretionary cash flow, can impact purchasing behaviors occasionally.

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Now, you have signed up and chosen a niche as well. The next steps are as follows:

Effective Strategies for the Etsy Affiliate Success

Blog posts (Product reviews, gift guides, DIY projects, seasonal themes)

Making convincing blog entries a feature of your Etsy partner content procedure is fundamental. Center around these key regions:

Product Reviews

Compose point-by-point surveys of Etsy items. Feature their uniqueness, craftsmanship, and ease of use. Incorporate excellent pictures and individual stories to make the audits enjoyable and lock in.

Gift Guides 

Create gift guides for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Make these guides specific to various audiences (for example, eco-friendly gifts, custom gifts, gifts for parents, and gifts for men). While showcasing a variety of Etsy products, this strategy assists readers in selecting the ideal present.

DIY Projects 

Make crafts or (Do-It-Yourself)DIY projects that use items or materials from Etsy sellers. Provide pictures, step-by-step instructions, and advice. This advances Etsy items as well as draws in pursuers with imaginative thoughts.

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Seasonal Themes

Adjust your substance to occasional subjects or occasions. For example, make posts about brightening for Christmas utilizing Etsy items or summer wedding fundamentals from Etsy. This keeps your substance opportune and significant, taking advantage of client interests.

YouTube videos (Tutorials, unboxing experiences, Etsy shop tours)

For YouTube recordings as an Etsy subsidiary, think about these connecting with designs:


Make recordings exhibiting how to utilize or style Etsy items. For example, make instructional exercises using supplies or custom handmade items from Etsy shops or design styling with novel Etsy finds. These instructional exercises offer pragmatic worth and grandstand the items in real life.

For example, the Following video tutorial is about DIY kits that can be purchased on Etsy.

The speaker, Stephanie, recommends these kits as gifts or as a way to get started with a new hobby. She highlights that many of the kits come with everything you need to get started, including materials and instructions. She also mentions that buying from Etsy supports small businesses.

Experiences with Unboxing

Film your unpacking of Etsy items, catching your initial feelings and responses. This arrangement is well known for fabricating energy and giving a legitimate look at what purchasers can anticipate.

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Etsy Shop Tours 

Offer fascinating Etsy shops as virtual tours, perhaps with the shop owners. Highlight their story, manufacturing method for handmade products, and most popular products. This approach adds an individual touch, permitting watchers to interface with the merchants and their items.

These video thoughts can draw in watchers and urge click-throughs to your member joins. Keep up with high video quality and a drawing in show style to keep your crowd snared.

Social Media Promotion Strategies


Utilize great pictures and recordings to exhibit Etsy items. Stories and Reels can be incredibly captivating for powerfully displaying items. Utilize Instagram Shopping features, tag Etsy shops, and use relevant hashtags to link products directly. For more exposure, collaborate with influencers in your field.


This visual stage is excellent for Etsy items. Make alluring pins for your blog entries, item audits, and Do-It-Yourself guides. Utilize rich pins to add additional metadata and direct connections to items. Sort out your pins into themed sheets for the more straightforward route.


Use Facebook gatherings and pages to share content. Live videos, showcasing new Etsy finds, and Q&A sessions are all great ways to connect with your audience. Facebook advertisements can likewise be an incredible asset for designated advancements.

Engaging with Etsy People Group and Gatherings

Engage in active participation in Etsy-focused communities and forums, whether on social media, Etsy’s forums, or Reddit. Share your mastery and bits of knowledge, and delicately present your substance where pertinent. Keep away from plain self-advancement; all things being equal, center around offering some benefit and building connections. 

Answer questions, offer guidance, and offer encounters connected with Etsy shopping or selling. This approach lays you out as an educated and reliable figure in the Etsy people group, which can, by implication, support your offshoot showcasing endeavors. Keep in mind that certifiable commitment is critical to building a faithful following.

Advance Strategies and Content Tips for Etsy Affiliate Success

Effective substance techniques for the Etsy Affiliate Program include drawing in the educational and significant substance that requests to your ideal interest group while unpretentiously consolidating subsidiary connections. Here are a few vital systems to consider:

Specialty Concentration

Within the vast marketplace of Etsy, tailor your content to a specific interest or niche. This could be anything from handcrafted gems to rare apparel or custom craftsmanship. An engaged specialty draws in a committed crowd.

Item Surveys and Exhibits

Make itemized surveys of Etsy items. Showcase the products, discuss their features, advantages, and disadvantages, and explain why they might appeal to your audience with high-quality images or videos.

Do-It-Yourself Instructional Exercises and How-To Guides 

A foster substance that ties in Etsy items. For instance, assuming your specialty is home style, you could make Do-It-Yourself home stylistic theme instructional exercises utilizing handmade items or craft supplies from Etsy dealers. You can check the following blog article for inspiration on how to guides

How to Find Best Selling Products on Etsy (2024)

Vendor Spotlights and Meetings

interviews or feature stories about Etsy sellers. This refines the items and can make a story your crowd interfaces with. Additionally, it aids in developing relationships with sellers.

Way-of-life Content 

Integrate Etsy personalized items into way-of-life content. For instance, assuming you’re in the design specialty, style outfits highlighting Etsy adornments. This approach flawlessly coordinates items into daily existence situations.

Use Rich Media 

Utilize recordings, infographics, and top-notch pictures to make your substance seriously captivating. Video content, in particular, can demonstrate Etsy products’ uniqueness and quality very well.

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SEO Improvement

To get organic traffic from search engines, ensure your content is SEO-friendly. Use catchphrases applicable to your specialty, Etsy items, and your crowd’s hunt propensities.

Online Entertainment Coordination 

Advance your substance via virtual entertainment channels. Pinterest is mighty for Etsy items because of its visual and shopping-focused nature. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can likewise be robust stages, contingent upon your crowd.

Marketing via email 

Send out newsletters with new content, unique Etsy finds, or exclusive deals by building an email list. 

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Draw in with Your Crowd

Support and take part in conversations in your blog remarks or via online entertainment posts. A community around your content can be formed through engagement.

Investigation and Transformation 

Consistently survey your substance execution utilizing investigation apparatuses. Comprehend what works and adjust your system likewise.

All in all, bringing in cash as an Etsy Affiliate in 2024 spins around making drawing-in, specialty-centered content, utilizing virtual entertainment stages like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, and effectively taking part in the Etsy people group. By joining quick item surveys, innovative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guides, and viable local area commitment, you can construct a faithful crowd and adapt your offshoot interfaces. I hope you like our guide on how to do affiliate marketing on Etsy in 2024. What do you think about the guide? Please let me know by leaving a comment.

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