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From Handmade cards with an uplifting theme for children in hospitals to knitting blankets for veterans touched by war, some charities accept handmade products and craft supplies. Crafters can denote their crafting skills and precious time by incorporating quilts, blankets, toys, and crafting cards for children and adults in need.

In this article, you’ll find charities in the US and UK that accept handmade and crocheted products and crafts supplies.

US Charities that Accept Handmade Items and Craft Supplies

UK Charities that Accept Handmade Items and Craft Supplies

Canadian Charities that Accept Handmade Items and Craft Supplies

Australian Charities that Accept Handmade Items and Craft Supplies

US Charities that Accept Handmade Items and Craft Supplies

Project Linus

Crafts Accepted: Knit, crochet, woven, sewn, fleece, or quilted blankets

Project Linus

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Belton, Missouri, Project LInes has donated 9,356,325+ blankets. Project Linus provides handmade blankets to children from 0-18 years who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need.

Project Linus has local chapters (service centers) in all 50 states of the United States. Volunteers can donate in the following ways:

  • Donate handmade blankets to the Local chapter
  • Donate the materials needed to make these blankets
  • Work at these community chapters to make blankets

Patty Gregory is the national president of Project Linus, while Mary Balagna is the vice president. Further, Mary manages and runs one of the busiest chapters of Project Linus in Central Illinois, donating an average of 350 blankets to children in the local area.

Warm Up America!

Crafts Accepted: Knit, crochet

Warm Up America

With 30,000+ active volunteers, Warm Up America is one of the most active nonprofit organizations for crafts products like Knitted or crocheted blankets and other accessories.

Warm Up America has donated one million blankets and clothing since its foundation in 1991. Evie Rosen founded it and is recognized nationally for her knitting expertise. Further, WUA trains volunteers to knit and crochet afghans and clothing. You can make donations to Warm Up America in the following ways.

  • Donate money to help organizations make and ship blankets and clothing for needy people.
  • Volunteer your time by crocheting and knitting 7″ by 9″ sections, blankets, and other clothing accessories.

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Quilts of Valor

Crafts accepted: Quilts

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor(QOVF) is a nonprofit organization that aims to serve service members and veterans touched by war with healing quilts. It was founded by Catherine Roberts in 2003. Quilt of Valor has stringent requirements for donations to the service members and veterans touched by war

Specification of Quilts of Valor’s Quilts:

Quilt of Valor has stringent requirements for donations to service members and veterans touched by war. They are not like low-quality charity quilts but relatively high-quality quilts using high-quality materials. Some Specifications may include:

  • The fabric used for Quilts should be 100% cotton
  • The color of quilts should not be red or blue. Instead, a patriotic color is recommended.
  • The size of the quilt should be a minimum of 55″ x 65″ and a maximum of 72″ x 90.
  • The quilt should have three parts, i.e., top, batting, and backing.

You can donate to Quilts of Valor in the following ways:

  • Monetary donations can be made using this link.
  • Donate to a Local Group
  • You can donate a New and likely new fabric of 100% cotton
  • Donate using Walmart Spark Good Round-Up
  • And more


Crafts Accepted: Quilts, Crocheted and Knitted Blankets, Pillowcases, Market Bags and More


Sew4Service was founded in 2021 to connect People who Sew, Quilt, Knit, and Crochet with People and Pets in Need. This organization collects donations of fabric, yarn, sewing supplies, completed quilts, blankets, pillowcases, market bags, and more. They deliver finished custom handmade items to local charities and find a good home for all the donated items. Many donations of Sew4Service are used to make charity items, while others are sold in our Fabric Stash Store, offering discount prices on good quality fabric, yarn, and sewing supplies.

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Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Crafts accepted: Handmade cards with an uplifting theme.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Cards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK) is an international charity organization that provides uplifting, handmade cards to kids in hospitals. CFHK’s mission is to give children joy and hope during treatment.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids for Founder by a high school student named Jen Rubino in 2011. At the start he started the nonprofit charity organization at a trim level, but soon, the organization spread all across the United States.

The charity organization is present in all 50 states of the United States. CFHK has distributed cards to more than 500,000 hospitalized kids since its launch.

Below are some of the guidelines for card donations to this charity organization:

  • You can use craft supplies, such as stickers, stamps, etc. However, excessive use of glitter is not allowed.
  • Instead of any person’s name, you can address the card using “Hey there” or “Hey You!”
  • Illness-related phrases like Get well” and “Feel Better” are prohibited. Instead, please use an uplifting message. 
  • Please do not include personal pieces of information on the cards

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Snuggles Project

Crafts Accepted: Knit, spool knit, crochet, no-sew (hand-woven and worked fleece), sew blankets, toys, pillows, and mats

Snuggles Project

Snuggles Project is a charity organization for animals. The organization primarily aims to provide calmy snuggles and shelter for pets in the caves.

According to the organization, their snuggles provide frightened animals something to help calm them so that people who visit shelters can visit for a longer time. In this way, the process of adoption will be easy.

Another benefit of their snuggles is providing a calm environment to a frightened and difficult-to-handle animal. This will give the caretaker time to handle the situation.

Usually, the environment of a shelter is industrial. But Snuggles Prjects’ snuggles provide shelter visitors and staff members a more homey atmosphere.

They have different membership plans, including recurring donations for their donors. The basic membership plan starts at $25.

Knots of Love

Crafts Accepted: knit and crochet beanies and baby blankets

Knots of Love

Founded in 2007, Knots of Love is a nonprofit public charity organization that provides hand-knitted and crocheted beanies to people going through Chemo. Further, the organization offers blankets to babies in neonatal ICU incubators.

The organization has helped 570,238 since its launch. Further, it has a network of 10000+ active donors. The organization currently provides 3,000 beanies and blankets monthly.

The organization currently works with more than 580 hospitals, oncology offices, treatment centers, infusion centers, and neonatal intensive care units across different states in the USA.

You can donate to this charity organization in different ways, like

  • Donate Now via Credit, Debit, or eCheck
  • Can Give Securities
  •  Can Give Retirement Assets
  •  CanGive Insurance
  • Can give a Car

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Creative Kindness

Crafts Accepted: handmade cards that are blank inside

Creative Kindness

Creatives Kindness, formerly Cards of Kindness, was launched in 2019 by the founders of Scrapbook. Initially, they collaborate. In 2020, it expanded from a local charity organization to an international one and started collecting worldwide donation cards.

You can send cards with envelop size A2 cards with envelopes (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″.

The cards should be blank inside. You can send at least ten cards per box for shipment to Cards for Kindness.

Knitted Knockers

Crafts Accepted: Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers is an organization to help women suffering from breast cancer. The Knitted Knockers organization has provided 561,804 knitted knockers since its launch. The organization offers hand-knitted knockers for women affected by breast cancer. Volunteers prepare all (100%) knockers. 

These Knitted Knockers are special handmade knitted breast prostheses for women who have had breast cancer and undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy.

You can find tutorials and patterns on the official website for preparing knitted knockers. Denotions of only approved patterns are allowed.

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Ellie Hats

Ellie Hats

Crafts Accepted: Handmade Hats

Ellie’s Hats is a heartwarming nonprofit organization dedicated to significantly impacting the lives of children battling cancer. Beyond their recognizable hats, their website showcases various initiatives and events, all designed to bring comfort and joy to courageous young souls facing challenging circumstances.

One of the standout features of Ellie’s Hats is their acceptance of handmade hats, a compassionate gesture emphasizing community involvement and support. Handcrafted with love and care, these hats symbolize hope, spreading warmth and a sense of companionship to those fighting the brave battle against cancer. The organization is fortunate to receive donations from kind-hearted individuals and groups, including the generous contributions from the Knit & Crochet Club and Knit Tastic Knots.

Charities for Craft Supply Donations

Besides donating prepared blankets, caps, snuggles, etc., you can also donate craft supplies. Below are some charities that accept craft supplies.

The Knitting Connection

Crafts Supplies Accepted: yarn, needles, and books

The Knitting Connection

Based in Medford, MA, The Knitting Connection provides custom crafts to children all over Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Arizona. If you have craft supplies like materials related to yarn, knitting needles, or knitting or crochet books, you can donate them to The Knitting Connection.

The organization then provides these supplies to volunteer knitters and crocheters who prepare custom handmade products like hats, mittens, Christmas stockings, etc. These products are distributed to children in need in different areas of the United States.

The Dreaming Zebra

Crafts Supplies Accepted: Art and music supplies.

The Dreaming Zebra

The Dreaming Zebra is a charity organization that aims to provide art and music supplies to unprivileged children worldwide.

Art is an essential part of education for any child. It helped them to express their creative skills. The Dreaming Zebra has provided craft and music supplies to around 85,000 young artists in one year (2016).

In May 2021, the organization was temporarily closed to the public and stopped collecting donations and craft and music supplies.

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Crafts Accepted: knitted/crocheted knockers, squares – knitted or crocheted, hearts – white (crocheted), fabric w/crocheted edging, quilts

In October 2021, Glenda Poulter launched Crochet, Knit, Sew, Donate (CKSD), a Facebook group uniting crafters with charitable causes. This innovative platform facilitates connections between crafters and over two thousand charitable organizations across 48 states and DC, boasting 900+ members as of mid-October 2022.

CKSD’s members can choose and contact organizations for donations, from crocheters to quilters. While the group doesn’t handle donations directly, it is pivotal in linking crafters with various causes. Membership is open to anyone residing in the United States, ensuring inclusivity and diverse contributions from crafters nationwide. Glenda actively expands CKSD’s network, reaching out to organizations and partnering with local craft stores to amplify the group’s impact. CKSD.org embodies a community-driven approach, blending creativity with empathy to make a meaningful difference in countless lives. Join this movement of compassion and craftsmanship by visiting the CKSD Facebook Group.

Materials for the Arts

Materials for the Arts

Materials for the Arts (MFTA) is a New York-based charity organization aiming to collect donations of extra craft supplies from volunteers and make them into useable crafts with the help of students, teachers, and other volunteer crafters. 

Since its establishment in 1978, the MFTA has achieved many goals and milestones, like

  • 1,664,000lbs. WEIGHT OF MATERIAL DONATED IN 2017
  • $11,245,808 VALUE OF DONATIONS IN 2017

The organization is beneficial in many aspects, such as using extra craft supplies, which helps sustainability. It lets students practice crafts and generate good items using their creative skills. MFTA then provided these crafts to people in need.

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Feel Better Friends

Crafts Accepted: Doll supplies

Feel Better Friends

Feel Better Friends(FDFDolls) is a nonprofit organization providing crocheted dolls to children with cancer and other illnesses. The organization was founded by Shanon Fouquet in 2014.

You can donate doll supplies and money. You can also become an approved volunteer member by following the below steps.

  • Join their FBF Volunteers in Training group on Facebook.
  • Take training to make crocheted dolls with wigs.
  • Prepare a sample doll and send it to the Feel Better Friends organization.
  • If your work’s quality is good, the organization will approve you as a permanent member, and then you can prepare to donate crochet dolls regularly.

UK Charities that Accept Handmade Products and Crafts Supplies


Crafts Supplies Accepted: Anything handmade, vintage handmade items, or supplies for art/craft and de-stash


Made4aid is a UK-based nonprofit organization. It was launched in June 2009. The organization is an Etsy Shop selling items donated by volunteers, like handmade gifts and vintage or craft supplies. 

The organization then sends the money raised to the designated charity organization, Médecins sans Frontière / Doctors without Borders.

Note from Made4Aid owner(Sally Alsford): Donors send me photographs, descriptions, and other details so that I can post the item in the Made4aid Etsy shop. This cuts out the cost of shipping and then re-shipping because I have limited storage space, saving me time. I can occasionally take donations of physical items posted to me in London, UK. People can donate from anywhere worldwide, and items that are sold are shipped globally or locally, depending on the donor’s choice and location.

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The Pachamama Project

Crafts Accepted: Volunteer-made reusable sanitary pads made to the organization’s pattern and instructions, Soft toys, knits, quilts

The Pachamama Project
volunteers made pads donated to The Pachamama Project

In 2020, Bristol University student Ella Lambert created The Pachamama Project to prevent period poverty in refugee crises and ensure that having a period is not another hardship for these helpless individuals.

Pads made by volunteers are sent to refugees and other vulnerable communities worldwide. The Pachamama Project supplies all the necessary information and regularly updates volunteers on where their pads are going and who they support. Since founded in 2020, they have sent 100,000 pads out into the world, taking 13,000 women and girls out of period poverty for up to five years.

distribution-Lebanon by a team member

One of The Pachamama Project partners is the Free Shop Lebanon. They supply people in mainly tented settlements in the Bekaa Valley with free organization pads, clothes, blankets, and other hygiene items. 

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Crafts Accepted: Knitted Scarves


CW+ has started a new campaign for patients suffering from respiratory illnesses in hospitals with the Moto

#SCARFUP to keep the chill out this winter

For this purpose, the organization has taken the services of 9 renowned artists to knit scarves of different unique patterns. You can donate money or donate the hand-knitted scarf.

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The Naval Children’s Charity

Crafts Accepted: knitted rabbits or penguins

The Naval Children's Charity

The Naval Children’s Charity is a charity organization that helps Naval Children. You can donate money directly to the organization or prepare hand-knitted dolls and denote them to the Organization of Naval Children. Below are some of the patterns mentioned on the official website:

  • Royal Navy Doll
  • Royal Marine Doll
  • Little Girl Doll

You can download these patterns from the official website.

Bonnie Babies

Crafts Accepted: Any sewn blankets, covers, quilts, BURIAL OUTFITS for premature children

Bonnie Babies

Bonnie Babies is a UK nonprofit organization. It provides blankets, covers, and quilts to premature children in around 150 UK Hospitals. Further, the organization offers SADLY BURIAL OUTFITS to specialists and needy parents.

The Donkey Sanctuary

Crafts Accepted: knitted donkey, Crochet Neddy

The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary is a UK-based charity organization that supports the welfare of donkeys in the UK and the world. The organization has been working for more than 50 years to improve the well-being of Donkeys.

As crafters, you can help the organization by knitting miniature donkeys or

Crochet woolen donkeys. These are sold by a Devon-based charity to raise funds for the Donkey Sanctuary organization.

Project Linus UK

Crafts Accepted: quilts and blankets, patchwork fabrics and threads

Project Linus UK

Project Linus UK is a charity organization that helps children in need with new, washable, handmade blankets and quilts. Project Linus was founded by Karen Loucks in 1995 in America. 

You can work as a volunteer with Area Co-ordinators to make handmade quilts and blankets. You can work to increase fundraising for the charity to purchase fabrics and threads for coverings.

Woolly Hugs

Crafts Accepted: crocheted blankets, knitted/crocheted breasts

Woolly Hugs

Wooly Hugs is a nonprofit organization primarily run by volunteers in the UK. The organization mainly provides blankets to children in UK hospitals like GOSH, Newcastle, Glasgow, and Manchester. 

Along with the UK, it also works for some developing countries with the help of World Child Cancer and the Chornobyl Children’s Lifeline to provide blankets. Woolly Hugs also provides knitted and crocheted breasts to breastfeeding units in the UK.

Canadian Charities for Handmade Items and Crafts Supplies

Crafting for a Cure

Crafting for a Cure is a Canadian charity organization for Children in Hospitals. This charity works with around 120 hospitals. Below are some of the achievements of this organization

  • Craft Kits Made: 508693
  • Volunteers: 2258
  • Hosptials:120
  • Countries: 8
  • Programs: 4

This organization currently serves children through four programs.

Committed To Crafting: The Crafting for a Cure organization provides crafts kits and other distraction materials for hospital children in this program. Handmade cards with different motivational words are placed inside these kits.

Creating Breathing Space:  This program is for teens ages 5-21. Mental health hospitals are included in this program.

Smiles For All: In this program, this charity organization brings ballerinas to dance in different hospitals. This program aims to create an environment of calmness and bring smiles to all faces.


Goods4Causes is a marketplace to help cratsmen sell their handmade products and grow their businesses. A famous Canadian charity started the program Good Neighbors Canada, which was established in 1991.

Good Causes’ purpose is to help local artisan sell their artisan products at both local and international levels. For this purpose, the organization showcases its products at fundraisers and events held in Canada. All proceeds from artists’ products are returned to artists so that they can reinvest in their businesses.

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Hands Up Canada

Hands Up Canada started a community program to promote traditional skills and methods to the community’s young.

These traditional skills include beading and knitting, music, dance, and storytelling. For this purpose, the Hands Up Canada Organization brings different products to sales. From these sales and other donated funds, the organization brings elders and young to each other, where older people teach traditional skills to the young to revive traditional crafts.

Australian Charities for handmade products and craft supplies

Sewing For Charity

Sewing for Charity is an Australian-based charity founded in 2015 in Queensland Superb. Since its launch, the organization has delivered 153,185 handmade products to around 254 organizations.

The organization’s primary mission is to help people suffering from a health crisis. For this purpose, the organization uses sustainable practices by upcycling used textiles and clothing to make handmade timers with the help of volunteers.

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Nest Community

I started working at The Nest Craft Project in 2012; the Nest community is an active charity organization with different programs, including 

  • teaching craft skills to local women
  • Generate donations of handmade items and craft supplies
  • Sale them to collect funds to run other charity programs


Launched in 2005, Knit One Give One(Kogo) is an Australian organization of over 10,000 knitters across Australia.

Currently, the organization works with around 310 community partner organizations to provide hand-knitted garments. The organization offers about 10,000 items to people in need.

Red Nose

Red Nose Australia has a Treasured Babies program for crafters with sewing and knitting skills. In this program, garments and blankets are donated to families who have suffered from the death of a child from 14-32 weeks in pregnancy. You can work as a volunteer if you have knitting, crafting, and sewing skills to prepare garments and blankets.

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Star Light

Star Light is an Australian-based charity organization that helps to bring joy and happiness to sick children in hospitals and other places. 

The organization accepts different types of goods, including art and craft supplies. You can denote the following goods.

  • New art and craft supplies – sketch pads, pencils, cardboard, paint, stickers, etc
  • Gift cards and vouchers – 
  • Sun packs – sunscreen, zinc, etc
  • Luggage sets
  • Camping equipment
  • Computer games and equipment
  • Beach towels and swimsuits
  • Bedroom furnishings and decorator items
  • Cosmetics – nail polish etc
  • Perishable goods 

Do you have any other nonprofit charity organization to donate handmade items or craft supplies that we have not mentioned here? Please say it in the comments. 

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